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Please make a note that it is free for only website owners or genuine bloggers. If we find any commercial link then it will fall under sponsored/paid blog post category and you may have to pay minimal advertising fee.

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Submission Guidelines

Our readers are busy, active people, who want useful information that resonates with their lifestyle. They want quick, effective tips; well-researched and backed-up information that they can easily absorb and understand; and easy recipes and how-to guides that they can incorporate into their everyday life.

Voice and Tone

  • We. You. Speak directly to our readers. Your tone can be authoritative and educational, or casual and conversational.
  • In the present tense: this gives your article immediacy (“the study shows…”). Also, keep all content evergreen, so it does not become dated.
  • Avoid hyperbole and sensational claims (“a sugar-free diet will cure cancer”), as well as negative bias.
  • Write clear, catchy, and concise copy: Keep in mind that most of our readers are busy and consuming content on their mobile phone.

Double Check

  • Does Your Title Answer a Question?
    • The 5 Best Yoga Moves to Strengthen Digestive System
    • 10 Reasons why should lose Weight
    • Sub-Headings and numbered or bulleted lists help our readers easily learn from you
    • Header in bold, first word capitalized, no period etc.
    • Make your intro catchy and concise (typically no more than 2-3 paragraphs)
    • List ingredients first, as a bulleted list
    • Instructions next, as a numbered list
    • The best titles offer an answer to a specific problem, give a measurable result, or provide insight into your article’s main objective
    • Break Your Content Down Using Lists or Sub-Headers.

Images (Optional)

  • If you choose to submit an image with your post, your must own the copyright and it MUST relate to the post. All recipes, exercises etc MUST have an clear image in high resolution.
  • In-post pictures should be at least 850 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall (bigger in either direction is fine).
  • Make sure image size doesn’t cost us much. keep it very light may be in KBs.


    • Do not submit your content if you are an SEO agency or content farm seeking backlinks. We only link to individual health experts whose websites or businesses are in-line with our values.
    • Advertisers can reach our Ad Sales Team at admin@theayurveda.org
    • Your content must be original – this means it must never have been posted anywhere else, including your own website or blog (and it is not slated to go live on other sites).
      • We’ll let you know within 2 days if your post has been accepted. If it has not (or you don’t hear from us at all, which mean we passed), you are free to submit your article to other sites.
    • Include your full name, website, facebook page and bio (120 words or less) at the bottom of your article. We want to feature and link to our wonderful contributors. Please attach picture to go with your bio.

To submit, email our team at editor@theayurveda.org 

  • Submit one article at a time (or 1 every 7 days)
  • Use the email subject line as your title, attach  your formatted article  with the email
  • Include any photos as attachments for posting as high resolution images.
  • In submitting, you accept our terms and any form of editing TheAyurveda editorial staff decides to implement to enhance its readability and virality
  • Assuming your article meets the requirements above and follows our guidelines, you’ll hear back from us within 2 days

Thank you for being part of our community!

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