5 must do Prenatal Exercises during Pregnancy

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Healthy pregnancy is the motive of every expecting women. It means healthy mother and healthy baby at the end of pregnancy. Today we will discuss Prenatal exercises during pregnancy. For a healthy pregnancy, exercises are must.

It is an old saying- As the mother is, same will be the baby. It is true thing indeed! The activities, emotional set-up, workouts, thinkings, physical appearance, gene all decides the formation of a new gene.

Healthy Prenatal exercises during pregnancy

Healthy Prenatal exercises during pregnancy

Importance of Prenatal Exercises during pregnancy:-

  1. Fastens fetal growth
  2. Improves the posture of mother
  3. Increases the chances of normal delivery
  4. Keeps you away from stress
  5. Results in active and smart baby
  6. Prevents morning/evening sickness
  7. Reduces the complications in pregnancy
  8. Enhances Immunity
  9. Tones up pelvic muscles, that eases in vaginal birth
  10. Reduces the chances of Diabetes during pregnancy

Exercise during prenatal pregnancy- Myth or Fact:

Our Grandmothers believe that exercising during pregnancy, can create complications and miscarriage even. But this has been proved by the medical science that exercises are must. It enhances the health of both mother and the fetus.

According to a survey done, women who were engaged in prenatal exercises during pregnancy gave birth to healthy and active child, as compared to those who were inactive. In the present era, even the gynecologists suggests that exercises are must.

What makes the difference?

Few decades back, there were no invention of machines like AC, refrigerator, washing machines etc. That time women had to work with their own hands. Doing this, automatically turned their body so strong that there were no need for exercises.

But today, where every work is depended on machines women need to get prenatal exercises during pregnancy. Here is just the generation gap and change of living.

5 important Prenatal exercises during pregnancy:

1. Morning/Evening walks-

Benefits of Walking during Pregnancy

Benefits of Walking during Pregnancy

Walking is the best way to reduce extra fat and to achieve a healthy pregnancy. A woman should avoid walking in first trimester, as it can have some complications. As you step into second trimester, a regular walk of at least 30 minutes is compulsory.

It increases the chances of normal delivery and also increases recovery after childbirth.

2. Deep Breathing-

Deep breathing in pregnancy

Deep breathing in pregnancy

Deep breathing exercises help a lot during pregnancy as they help you practice for the delivery phase. They also help in proper respiration for both the mother and baby. You must ask your doctor before doing any kind of breathing exercise.

3. Opening hips-

Vaginal birth gets more easy when the birth canal is stretchable and flexible. Opening hips yogacise opens your hip portion and makes the pelvic muscles strong.

The exercise performing a deep squat which aids in releasing all the energy from your pelvis. Then, take 5 deep breaths when in the squat pose. Repeat this at least 2-3 times. It is important to note that this exercise should not be performed after completing 36 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Cobbler pose-

Prenatal exercises

Cobbler pose for pregnancy

Cobbler Pose or the tailor pose gives your pelvis area a good stretch. During delivery, the pelvic area undergoes heavy stress as the outlet needs to be flexible, hence this exercise helps you build flexibility and endurance power.

An advice – do this exercise with a cushion below your back and thighs.

5. Downward dog-

Downward dog prenatal exercise

Downward dog prenatal exercise

It is an exercise which makes you look same as a slide. The downward dog position is best to impart sustaining power to your thigh muscles during pregnancy. During delivery, the thighs need a good holding capacity and this exercise helps you with the same.

A pregnant woman should avoid exercises if having such problems:

  • Thinner placenta
  • Uterine contractions
  • during first trimester
  • Low health and hemoglobin
  • Vaginal bleeding

Before you start performing these exercises, it is always better if you ask your doctor’s advice. Never be sedentary during pregnancy, stay active and happy always. Have a happy pregnancy!

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