5 Yoga poses must to be done in Pregnancy

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Practicing asanas while pregnant can be very effective for both mother and the baby. It helps in eased pregnancy and a good way to stay fit. Today we will be telling some yoga poses best during pregnancy.

Giving birth to a new life is not an easy task! Those 9 months is like a new journey which is accomplished with excitements and several discomforts.

Back pain, shoulder stiffness, lower abdominal discomfort, morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, mood swings etc are very common during pregnancy.

Asanas during pregnancy:

Asanas help  tone the body and keep it in shape. It makes everything, labor, childbirth and post recovery easier. Although many asanas are not recommended for a pregnant woman.

Gentle stretches and some yoga poses are must for pregnancy. Today we will be telling you 5 yoga poses, which are must for a pregnant woman.

5 Yoga poses for Pregnancy:

1. Thigh and Groin stretch-

Thigh and Groin stretch
Thigh and Groin stretch

For a normal delivery, your thighs and pelvis area must be fully toned. This can be achieved by the regular practice of this very pose.


  • Place the chair against the wall. Face the chair and kneel on a pillow.
  • Lift the right knee, placing the right foot on the floor with the chin and thigh forming a right angle; toes under the chair.
  • Touch the right knee to the front of the chair. Place fingers on the top front of the chair.
  • Press the hands down and lift the chest to lengthen the spine; simultaneously push the tail-bone down and lift the hip bones up.
  • Repeat with the legs in the reverse position. Then sit comfortably on the floor in Siddha Yoni Asana.


It tilts the pelvis and stretches the spine. Also strengthen the thigh and groin muscles.

2. Chest and Shoulder stretch-

Chest and shoulder stretch
Chest and shoulder stretch


  • With a chair, sit on a mat. Your back should be facing the front of the chair.
  • Extend your legs straight forward and slightly apart.
  • Place the arms behind the back, resting them on the seat; interlace the fingers.
  • Tighten the thighs, slowly inhale and press the back of the legs and buttocks to the floor.
  • Slowly exhale, lifting the chest and rolling the shoulders back; breathe normally.
  • Remove arms from the seat, release hands, and sit comfortably.


This pose stretches the chest and shoulder muscles. It relieves the rounded back and shoulders.

3. Wall Squatting pose-

Squatting pose in pregnancy
Squatting pose in pregnancy


  • Stand with the back against the wall. Separate the feet, bend the knees and squat.
  • Turn the toes outward, and place the elbows inside the knees, press the palms together.
  • Slowly inhale by pressing the knees apart with the elbows.
  • Exhale by pressing your back to stretch the spine.
  • Relax the lower back muscles. Hold this position for 1 to 3 minutes.


It removes the lower back pain. Helps in stretching the calf and the interior thigh muscles.

4. Corpse pose-

Corpse pose for pregnancy
Corpse pose for pregnancy


  • Lie on back with arms at the side and palms up.
  • Breathe normally and feel the mind and body relaxed.


It helps the body to adjust to its new tone. It provides strength and reduces stress.

5. Bound angle pose-

Bound angle pose in pregnancy
Bound angle pose in pregnancy


  • Sit on a small pillow, bend the knees to the side and bring the soles of the feet together in front.
  • Bring heels as close to the body as possible.
  • By lifting the spine, slowly inhale and gently exhale.
  • Place the palms on the inner thighs. Slowly inhale, then exhale with gently pressing the thighs to the floor.
  • Gently lean forward from the hips and extended hands forward to the floor to straighten the spine and stretch the shoulders.
  • Relax, sit up and extend both legs forward.


This pose creates flexible hips and stretches the inner thigh muscles.

These were the 5 yoga poses suitable during pregnancy. Make your child come to this world normally, not by the harshness of surgeries and knives!

Hope you like the article. If you think it was reliable and informative, then do share and response. Take care and live well!

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