Chandra bhedi Pranayama to reduce body heat

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What is Body’s heat? It balances our body system, but when it exceeds too much then it can invite several diseases. The best way to prevent such is; Pranayama. Here we will be talking about Chandra Bhedi Pranayama.

Last time we talked about Surya Bhedan pranayama and its health benefits.  Today, let’s talk about Chandra bhedi pranayama. It is very well-suited to cool down your body and also to enhance longevity.

What is Chandra bhedi pranayama?

Chandra is the moon and Bhedana means passing through. In Chandra Bhedana Pranayama one inhales through the left nostril and exhale through the right.

Chandra Bhedi Pranayama for health

Chandra Bhedi Pranayama for health

It is said that energy passes through Ida (Chandra) Nadi on the inhalation and through Pingala or Surya Nadi on the exhalation. These are larger nadis that hold the balance of magnetism and energy created by the sun and moon. They travel from the base of the spine to the point between the eyebrows.

Pranayama is a breath-control technique. In Sanskrit, pran means life and ayama means way. Pranayama can help you regulate your system, alter your mood and ensure longevity. The main aspects of pranayama are inhalation, exhalation and retention. Pranayama always begins with inhalations and exhalations.

This strengthens the lungs and balances the nervous system and it is preparing the body to hold the breath (retention). Practicing pranayama on a regular basis regulates energy flow to the 72 thousand nadis (channels through which consciousness flows) in our body, helping us improve our wellbeing.

Yoga and Pranayama are the things potent to make your body eligible. It is also said in Bhagwad Gita


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