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Ayurvedic way to improve eye health naturally

Ayurvedic way to improve eye health naturally

Importance of good eye health

Ever imagined what would you do if you lost your vision? If not, then look back into your childhood and imagine yourself playing blindfolded games. This will not harm you but you will surely realize how colourless the world is without eyes.

Our eyes are one of the most essential organs of our body. It’s the only thing that introduces us to the beautiful colorful world. Like other organs it also needs care. But today’s lifestyle is the root cause of its damage. Sitting for hours in front of laptops or indulging ourselves on mobiles puts ample strain on our eyes which results in poor vision.

We should be grateful to Mother Earth for providing us with natural things that may help us to improve our vision. Ayurveda is one of such pathy that uses herbs and natural ores for treatment. In case of poor vision, Ayurveda is here for your help. Can you improve eyesight naturally? If you are still wondering what can be helpful for your eyesight then find it out below.

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Let’s understand the Ayurvedic way to improve eye health naturally

According to Ayurveda, our whole body is composed of 5 universal elements, that are space, air, water, fire, and earth. And thus our eyes are also composed of these elements.

The tear ducts and space in the eyeball depict the presence of space. While the color of the eye is governed by air. Eye vessels are prominent in fire elements whereas the earth dominates muscles of the eye.

In terms of dosha, eyes are pitta dosha prominent. This degrades as we grow older and results in visionary problems including poor vision.

 As Ayurveda’s approach is holistic, it uses treatments like panchakarma, the use of herbs, natural care, and exercise to improve your vision.

Here are the lists of some eatables that you can include to improve eye health naturally

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Commonly known as Indian gooseberry, this fruit is enriched with a lot of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Vitamin C not only improves the functioning of retinal cells as well as promotes healthier capillaries. Amala is “chakshusyawhich means it acts as rasayan for strengthening eyes.  For improving your vision you can have 2-3 TSP of Amala juice every morning with warm water. You can use it on a regular basis to maintain the good health of your eyes.

Vibhitki ( Terminalia belirica)

This versatile herb helps in curing several ailments. It is mentioned as “nitra hitam” by Acharya Charak in Ayurvedic texts. It means that vibhitki is beneficial to the eyes as it helps in cleaning the vitiated blood, plasma, muscular and adipose tissue of the eye.

Haritki ( Terminalia chebula)

This herb is popular for its anti-aging properties and therefore helps in preventing age-related eye diseases like senile cataracts, retinal degeneration, open-angle glaucoma, and so on.


It is a rich source of nutrients and Vitamin B. Coriander can improve vision if taken along with honey in the morning.


Carrots are a tremendous source of beta-carotene and antioxidants which is useful in treating Vitamin A deficiency. Improve your eyesight while enjoying carrot juice. Isn’t it a healthy choice? It can also be included in daily diet to treat degenerative eye diseases. For this, you can take its juice or can add it to a salad.

Cow’s ghee and milk

This is helpful in many diseases including insomnia, hypertension, and computer vision syndrome. It is also suggested in poor vision. For this, you can have warm milk mixed with 1tsp of cow’s ghee before going to sleep.


These are enriched with Vitamin E, antioxidants, and Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for the eyes and thus help in improving vision. U can soak them and have almonds in the morning.


It was called “the herb of sight” by Romans in ancient times. Fennel slows down the progression of cataracts and is healthy for the eyes.

Apart from this, Ayurveda suggests some preventive measures and exercise to promote eye health.

These are:

Healthy diet:

Ayurveda focuses on a natural diet and lifestyle (aahar and vihar) to keep ourselves healthy. For healthier eyes, you need to take proper rest and sleep and eat a healthy diet.

Never stare continuously, always blink in between. Try to take breaks from screens at regular intervals.

Washing routine

Ayurveda always suggests washing your eyes properly with normal water. The water should never be too hot or too cold as every extreme condition is harmful. After waking, wash your eyes with normal water while holding water in your mouth.

Protect your eyes from Pollution: If you go out regularly, use sunglasses and eye covers to protect your eyes. Always wash your eyes with normal water once you return.

Practice Trataka

This is an Ayurveda practice for strengthening your eyes and their luster. For this, you need a burning ghee lamp and place it on the floor with a viewing angle of 30 degrees. Switch off all the lights in your room and sit on the floor with folded legs. Gaze the burning lamp for 10 minutes at least.


Take a little amount of cow’s ghee and put it in between your eyebrows. Now put a little pressure and rub in a circular movement for a few minutes. You can do this every night before going to bed.

Medicated Kohl

For healthier eyes, neem or cow‘s ghee-based kohl (kajal) is suggested for use.  


Some yoga postures have great effects on your eyes. You can practice Chakrasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana, Bhujangasana, etc to improve your vision naturally.

The Bottomline/ Summary

You should always remember that our eyes also need care just like any other organ of our body. So, maintain hygiene and follow precautions for healthy vision. Please share your thoughts through comments on tips to improve eye health naturally.

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