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Yoga pose Tittibhasana to improve body balance

Improve your Body Balance with Tittibhasana

We human being are the most advanced creatures on earth. We have got certain properties which none other living being has god. The most important thing to keep our body fit is; to develop...
Lion pose Simhasana for Stuttering voice

Yogasana to treat Stuttering voice- Simhasana

Simhasana is also known as Lion pose. Lion is known as the king of all the animals. This very asana is very beneficial as the importance of Lion in a forest. There are many...
Bahya Pranayama

Cure Urinary disorders with Bahya Pranayama

Urinary disorders are the diseases which disturbs our excretory system and the passage of urination becomes tougher and difficult. The best and the efficient way to cure this is called 'Yoga and Pranayama'. It...
paschimottanasana yoga pose

Yogasana to curb abdomen Fat- Paschimottanasana

When you overeat, those extra calories gets deposited on the body parts making your body look shabby and fat. When we start getting obese, then at first our belly part which is abdomen gains...