Baby in womb

10 things about your developing Baby you must not be knowing

In the 9 months of development, your baby undergoes certain changes which are quite funny and interesting even. There are many things that will even make you laugh and you will remember it always....
diarrhea in babies

Loose Motions in Babies: Causes, Symptoms, Risks, and Cure

In the infant age, babies suffer from so many minor problems ranging to cough cold to loose motions. The reason is they are very small and have very low immunity to fight any kind...
hing paste cures gas trouble in babies

Calm your baby with Hing paste from gas troubles and flatulence

Parenthood is a special feeling, but it comes with a lot of challenges ad discomforts as well! We get happy when they smile and crackle, but the same amount of frustration is also there...

Tummy time for babies: When, How and its benefits

Hello readers, today our topic is on newborn exercise called ‘Tummy time’. It is something which is must for your baby and promotes their overall growth. Here we will be knowing what is tummy...