Calm your baby with Hing paste from gas troubles and flatulence

hing paste cures gas trouble in babies
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Parenthood is a special feeling, but it comes with a lot of challenges ad discomforts as well! We get happy when they smile and crackle, but the same amount of frustration is also there when they are late sleepers or awake full night! Suppose your whole night went to calm the crying baby, and you are not able to figure out the reason they are crying for! 

This can be due to Stomach Gas. Babies can be gassy just after a couple of weeks they are born. However, it also depends upon certain things.  

How gas is formed in the stomach?

Gas formation takes place when we swallow air with the food or due to the bacterial breakdown in the intestines. It may be also due to the intake of oily and spicy food. Although any age group can suffer from this trouble; from a newborn baby to 80 years old peoples. 

In small babies, when they swallow air while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding it results in gas trouble, it may also be due to some specific food allergy or hypersensitivity which is actually a villain for their digestion. 

It looks simpler but can be super annoying, and those cute innocent babies have to suffer a lot due to this. 

Signs if your baby is crying due to gas trouble?

Small baby cries due to multiple reasons like when hungry, any pain, crankiness, demanding something, wants to play, getting irritated, due to vaccine pain, and many more. 

If your baby suddenly starts crying at midnight due to no reason and is crying and crying. What will you do or figure out?

Not taking any toy, not coming on lap, no interest in her favorite thing. It means the baby is having some uneasiness and discomfort in the body. Mostly, this gas trouble occurs in the nighttime. It is the time when the body is resting and the digestion process is taking place. 

Some of the signs which indicate that your baby is getting irritated due to Stomach gas are listed below:

  • Tightness in the tummy
  • baby will not allow you touch her tummy
  • crankiness
  • lack of urination
  • Fussness and crankiness for hours
  • No interest to eat or drink anything

What is Hing or Asafoetida?

Hing is made from the dried resin of which comes from the rhizome of the plant. In markets, hing is available in the granulated powder form which we use in different food cuisines. 

It is anti-spasmodic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial in nature. Due to its medicinal properties, hing or asafoetida is used in different herbal preparations. It is a home remedy for problems like gas, stomach cramps, lower blood sugar, flatulence, gastric issues, respiratory illness, etc. 

hing powder

In India, there is about 40-50% of the consumption of hing. But this plant is not cultivated here. It is majorly grown in countries like Iran, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Afghanistan, etc. This flowering plant grows about 1-2 meters tall and is a perennial plant. 

Hing paste application for colic or stomach gas:

Now let’s come to the most important part of our article which is ‘instant relief from gas using ing paste’. This application is really useful for babies and infants. Talking about adults, then the application may not be so useful so for them in the gas problem they can take 1/2 teaspoon of hing powder in lukewarm water

How to prepare the hing paste?

  1. Take a teaspoonful of hing powder in a clean bowl. 
  2. Put 7-8 drops of warm cow’s ghee in it or you can also use drops of lukewarm water. 
  3. Mix it well. While mixing you will notice, the paste starts thickening. Make a paste using optimum water or ghee. 
  4. Make only a little paste as it will be of one time use only. 
  5. Take some paste on your fingers and massage baby’s abdominal area (navel region) in clockwise direction. Make sure the hing should be in powdered form, or else the granule part may hurt the baby’s skin. 

Apply this outside the navel. You should not use the belly button. It can be dangerous and is not safe to put inside the belly button. 

How hing paste works?

The navel is the part from where our umbilical cord was attached when we were newborns. It is the origin point of life. The fetus in the mother’s womb gets all his nutrition and oxygen supply via this cord only. 

So when we apply and massage with the hing paste here, there is the effect that breaks the gas into bubbles, and automatically the baby urinates. You will notice, just after a little massage, the baby will either pee or will burp. It will be the sign that the stuck gas is out now and your gassy baby will be now a happy baby. 

Daily life practices that will help to avoid stomach gas in babies:

So this was the hing way how to cure the gas trouble. But we all know, prevention is better than cure. So why not prevent this stomach gas. Yes, there are some of the daily life practices that will help you a lot to keep gas troubles away. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Tummy time during or after massage will be very useful
  • Genlte massage on tummy region with oil or ghee
  • Give them lemonade or citrus fruit juice daily
  • Sole and toe tip massaage activates energy
  • Burping after every feed is must
  • Probiotic food and yougut on a regular basis
  • Gripe water can be given if stomach gas is very often

What most of the parents do when the baby is colicky?

A quiz question is here! What most of the parents do when the baby suddenly starts crying due to stomach gas. Another thing, at this time they will not let you touch their tummy, they will tighten their hands and legs, lots of crankiness, etc. 

8 out of 10 parents go for anti-colic drops. As they are given as drops and works faster so it becomes the only choice of the parents, due to the comforts and handy thing. 

But is this same comfortable and safe for your little ones? Not, it’s not! If you can treat your baby with a natural thing then why expense money on these things. Yes, these drops are also useful as a handy remedy when you are traveling or in a state when you can’t go for natural preparation. 

Note: Always talk to your pediatrician before going for any such medications for babies. 

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So now you must have got an idea of how to make your gassy baby into a happy baby with just a simple home remedy. It is really useful. If you feel the baby suffers from gas very often then must talk to your pediatrician. 

If the baby is 8 months+, then you can add some hing in their food like poha, upma, idli, buttermilk, etc. 

Hope you find the article useful. Have you ever tried this hing paste for your babies? Do share your views and opinion with us. Take care and live well. 

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