Tummy time for babies: When, How and its benefits


Hello readers, today our topic is on newborn exercise called ‘Tummy time’. It is something which is must for your baby and promotes their overall growth. Here we will be knowing what is tummy time, how to start, when to start, time limitation and its benefits as well. So let’s proceed. 

What is Tummy Time?

Tummy time is basically an exercise for your newborns which has so much benefits regarding strengthening neck and giving support to full body. It is like placing the infant in a supine position, under supervision for few minutes. 

Daily practice of tummy time has immense benefits including their mental and physical growth. It encourage babies to play for longer with joy. 

How to start Tummy time for babies?

When the baby is in tummy time, it looks as they are doing cobra pose! Their body is in belly-down prosition, which gives pressure on tummy region. 

At what age we should start Tummy time activity?

You can start the activity, at 3-4weeks of age. At first you can limit the time for 30 seconds then gradually you can increase the time as per their convenience. Slowly the time can be exceeded to 1 minute and then to 5 minutes. 

For babies around 3-4 months it can be done for 15-30 minutes a day. However, developing babies themselves change their position through rolling and vice versa. 

Make sure  it should be done when the baby is in playful mood and under parents or caregiver supervision. 

Development of baby through tummy time:

First day when you will start this activity you may find the baby bit inactive and fussy. Don’t get confused and stressed with this. Go with the baby cooperation too. 

Start with few seconds then slowly increase the time. Within 6 weeks baby will start showing interest to this and will cooperate you. If you feel your baby is uncomfortable, try tucking a soft towel under the armpits to help and encourage her. 

By 3-4 months baby will start lifting its head and chest off the surface, and will take the cobra pose. By the end of 5th month they may start rolling and will increase their activities as well. 

Now when the baby is doing this nicely, you can keep them supine for 15-20 minutes in a enjoying pattern. Keeping toys in front will be  much effective and will motivate them to move forward. 

Tummy time for babies

Benefits of Tummy Time:

Now let us see what are the benefits of Tummy time for babies. Many of us think how this activity useful for our kids?

Following are the answer of your questions for tummy time benefits. 

  • It helps small babies to control their neck which is a very important milestone for baby development. 
  • It helps baby develop their shoulder muscles and also promotes development of motor skills.
  • Regular tummy time helps to prevent ‘flat head’. It is caused when the baby is lying down in a same position (back) for long time. Through tummy time this deformity can be effectively prevented. 
  • It helps the baby to learn, how to use their legs, hands and how to move in a pace way. 
  • Tummy time also encourages the little one to crawl and start rolling fast. 
  • Researches show that tummy time helps to enhance the blood circulation and also maintains cardiovascular health. 
  • It makes their neck strong and agile, and to meet all their developing milestones on time. 

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a medical condition which became an epidemic between 1970-1991. In this many of the infants died suddenly while sleeping, and for a longer period the cause was not discovered. 

After a lots of surveys and research done, doctors and experts came under a conclusion that this condition was mostly experienced by the infants who were sleeping on tummy for a longer time. 

So they suggested to make the babies sleep on their back, insted of tummy position. However keeping the baby in same position may cause lots of problems realted to skull deformity to lower development rate. 

Thanks to Tummy time, which was suggested by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) itself. It helped to keep baby in supine position under a supervision for some time. Also preventing any kind of deformities and keeping the baby safe as well. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Tummy time:

  1. Never force the babies for tummy time. See their interest and convenience as well. 
  2. Many babies don’t enjoy tummy time, don’t get surprised or sad when they simply lay their head down or stay still. Try it regularly for short periods. 
  3. Never place the baby in tummy time just after the feed, it will make them vomit. When the baby is in playing mood, or after massage you can start this thing. 
  4. Choose a soft mat or playing gym for the activity. Never use any thin carpet or floor for this, it may cause injury. 
  5. Keep their favorite toy in front when they are in tummy time. It will encourage them to move forward and to use their hands and neck to grasp the thing. Ultimately, the tummy time will be more effective in this way. 

In this way we saw the Tummy time. Hope you found the video nice and helpful for you. Share it to all the social medias and also share your comments with us. Take care and live well. 

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