Tips for new mums for introducing solids to your baby


As the kid reaches the age of 6 months, it becomes a big responsibility of new mums to feed solids now. Many people found it quite tougher whereas for some it is a simple task.

Here we are with some of the tips and advices for new mums, which they surely require before introducing solids to the baby.

baby having solids
baby having solids

Starting solids in olden days:

Just ask your grand-mums and mums, what they fed you in toddler form. They will simply answer; cows milk and milk chappati.

Nowadays, with the change in climatic conditions, atmosphere, food purity and of course kid’s intelligence; the level of solids has also raised. However, it comes very hard to choose for new mums, to choose the introductory solids.

Being a new mum what was my view:

Time to say me congrats, as I’m also a mother of 1 yr baby boy. I will like to share my experience, what was my strategies, choices, and thinkings while starting solids to my baby.

6-month babies hold a very sensitive digestive system, as till last 6 months they were fully dependent upon breastfeed.

So before going through any solid; either liquid or semi-solid, it becomes a tackling decision. At first I started very thin ‘dal ka pani’. After that slowly I went through cow’s milk, steamed apple, apple juice and others.

Now let us talk about those tips which should be kept in mind before starting solids to your baby.

Tips for new mums to start solids:

Apple puree for babies
Apple puree for babies

1. Solids don’t mean stoppage of breastfeeding

‘Mother’s milk is best for your baby’, this statement can be found in all the baby food packets. Many females find breastfeed as weakening their bodies!

As a fact, whatever the mother consumes, it is taken by the baby while breastfeeding. But it doesn’t mean that this causes mother’s body to deplete. In addition, it maintains your figure and has many advantages. You must also have heard, that breastfeed decreases the chances of breast cancer in females.

One must continue breastfeeding up to 3 years.

2. Start one solid at a time-

When you start giving solid, you should be careful that you give one thing at a time. There should be confirmation that the baby is able to digest the thing, then move to other.

Like today you have started apple puree, then continue it for a few days, and confirm about the digestion. Afterwards you can move to add sweet potato, carrot or any other thing to it.

3. Prefer homemade foods than packaged one-

After 6 months, generally parents go for packaged and fortified cereals. According to pediatrist and experts, you should better give homemade food such as lentil soup, stewed veggies, pureed fruits etc.

These will provide natural growth to your baby which is best. Instead of using plastics or steel utensils for the baby, go with silver bowl and spoon. These help to increase immunity and is beneficial for babies.

4. Understand your baby’s taste too-

When the baby starts having solids, they begin to develop new tastes and choices. You must have noticed, many kids will like sweet whereas some will like salty things.

You should not force your child to have the food, especially when they are between 1-2 years of age. They will show interest themselves.

Many babies like to have milk all the time, whereas some likes Dal soup etc. So don’t panic about the thing, it’s all about the new changes and development taking place in their system.

These were the things that a new mum or every mother should know about toddlers diet. Providing correct nutrition is very necessary to the baby. But it doesn’t mean that you should give in form of supplements and Medicines!

Go natural as much as possible. Hope you like the post and found it is good. In any questions or queries, do comment on our comment box and subscribe on our page.

Take care and live well!

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