heavy summer heat

The last stage of Summer is yet to come in Hyderabad region

Here is a news clip about South-Indian state Hyderabad. The dreadful and hot waves of summers are yet to come. If you are thinking, that May is going to end summers the you are...
good morning drink

Morning drink to cure Body Stone, Obesity and Mental Stress

Can you believe a drink which cures body stone, obesity and mental stress? Means 3 in one, yes this is true! Today we will be telling about a good morning drink which is enriched...
diet for a healthy body

Healthy Diet for an Underweight person

As obesity is the house of diseases, similarly an underweight body with ill-health is also the correct victim of diseases. Half of the Indian population is underweight. Today we will be discussing about the...
Third trimester of pregnancy

What to expect in your Third trimester of Pregnancy

So now all mum-to-be, you are in the last stage of your pregnancy! This is the state of both nervousness and excitement. Soon you will be having a new angel in your life. Today...