get rid of tonsilitis

How to get rid of tonsillitis: Home remedies and lifestyle changes

What is Tonsillitis The tonsils are tiny, soft-tissue organs with an oval shape located in the back of the throat. They work as a protective mechanism, aiding the immune system in fighting off viruses and...
5 body warming foods during winter

5 body warming foods must have during winters

When we take the name winter, what comes to our mind? Chapped lips, dry skin, dull and dry skin tone, freezing temperature and so on! But, do you know winters are the best time...
improve your gut health

Learn To Improve Your Gut Health: Food and Exercises

Yes, you heard it right! You take care of your gut health, and your gut will take care of you. Digestion is one of the most important processes in our body. Through this process,...
choosing weight loss medication

What is the Difference Between Ayurvedic and Medical Weight Loss Medications?

Obesity is a growing concern, as emphasized by our “Why Obesity is Spreading Worldwide?” article. Being diagnosed as obese is more than just having excessive fat stored within the body. It is a major...