Burnt skin

Treat Burnt Skin with these 10 natural remedies

Burnt skin especially the face looks very terrible and looks as the glaze of face is lost. Apart from being painful, it also becomes a kind of social stigma! Today we will be telling...
daily makeup

How to do daily Makeup for simple and natural look

Makeup helps to highlight our skin and to make it look beautiful. At the same time, wrong makeup can even snatch your inner glow and make you look 2 times fader than your real...
Clean teeth with turmeric and coconut oil

Whiten your teeth naturally with Turmeric and coconut oil

Teeth represent your personality and caring nature. Pearly white teeth represent good natured and clarity, whereas pale and yellow teeth shows irresponsible and unhygiene. Today we will be telling you a very natural way...
home remedies for toned skin

Natural remedies to tighten your skin at home

As we age, our skin goes on a transition phase from youthful, younger-looking skin to sagging loose skin. Skin loses its collagen and elasticity. When skin starts losing elasticity, we experience wrinkles, fine lines,...