diet for a healthy body

Healthy Diet for an Underweight person

As obesity is the house of diseases, similarly an underweight body with ill-health is also the correct victim of diseases. Half of the Indian population is underweight. Today we will be discussing about the...
Third trimester of pregnancy

What to expect in your Third trimester of Pregnancy

So now all mum-to-be, you are in the last stage of your pregnancy! This is the state of both nervousness and excitement. Soon you will be having a new angel in your life. Today...
black spotted banana

Surprising Health benefits of eating black-spotted Banana

Banana is one of the most liked fruit, by all. Do you know, that the black-spotted banana is highly nutritious and has several extraordinary capabilities. Today we will be learning the benefits of eating...

Choose the best Lipstick as per your Skin tone

Lipstick is one of the common makeup wore by all the girls. It not only gives color but also nourishes your lips. Many times, we are not able to guess which shade is suitable...