10 Common Pranayama rules you may not be knowing

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Everyone does pranayama, but only few ones are benefited. Do you know why? You may be not following the rules of pranayama. Today we will be  talking about common rules of pranayama, which is essential for everyone.

Yoga and Pranayama suits the one who perform with keen interest and with all the rules emerged in it. Here is a laughing-stock of some 😉

Many people perform pranayama just to show, lacking meditation and any spiritualism. It should be known, that they are not going to be benefited a bit! It’s a harsh truth.

rules of pranayama

rules of pranayama

Correct way to do Pranayama:

Pranayama is like worship! Feel it while doing, feel as if all the discomforts and ailments are getting far away from you. In addition, you are gaining the biggest thing i.e., spiritualism and the attainment with god which is called liberation.

Today we will telling you some of the common Rules of pranayama:

Rules of Pranayama:

  1. Pranayama looks good, if done in a clean and peaceful place. Better choose a place near a clean pond or river.
  2. Like Yoga, Pranayama should also be performed four or five hours taking the food. In the beginning, Pranayama should be done for 5 to 10 minutes, gradually the time may increased up to about 1/2 to 1 hour. Maintain a specific number of repetitions and do not variate.
  3. Keep your mind calm and composed. However, Pranayama can also calm the disturbed mind and keep one happy.
  4. Methods of Pranayama may be varied according to the seasons and your own physical make up and mental attitude. Keep this in mind and modulate the method accordingly.
  5. Pregnant women, people suffering from fever and those who are lustful having no control on their passions should better avoid or limit Pranayama. Just as your case is, follow the instructions of Pranayama.
  6. Pranayama does not mean just breathing in, keeping the breathed air in and exhaling. It also means establishing control on the entire breathing process, and maintaining mental equilibrium.
  7. It is beneficial to chant the mantra ‘Om’; the first cosmic soundless sound, aloud  and repeating for several times. This will calm your mind and make you fit for Pranayama, because a peaceful mind is very essential for Pranayama.
  8. Practice of Pranayama should be done slowly without any haste, with confidence and prudence. Go slowly and with full confidence.
  9. If you are feeling fatigued or tired in the process of Pranayama, rest for sometime and then begin deep breathing. It will remove fatigue and will also make you comfortable.
  10. Make sure that while doing Pranayama, none of your organs such as mouth, eyes, nose etc feel any strain and it should be done gradually without any undue stress or strain. All the organs of the body, should be there in normal condition. Keep your spine and neck straight to acquire the full advantage of you pranayama.

If you are really ambitious, and want to get full advantage of Pranayama memorize the following verse from the Holy Bhagwadgita and practice too:

“Yuktahara-viharasya yukta-cestasya karmasu
Yukta-svapnavabodhasya yogo bhavati duhkhaha”

It means that a person whose food habits are not proper, whose daily routine for his day-to-day work etc are irregular, that person will not get any benefit out of Yog also.

And he will still be unhappy after doing Yog. In other words, one should have discipline in his life for a peaceful and healthy living.

Hope you like the article. If you are also a Yoga-Pranayama lover then stay strict with these rules. If you fee any doubt in the post, do ask and we will try to give quick response. Share to all and spread the magic of Yog everywhere. Take care and live well!


She is a learner and health conscious person. She is always interested in seeking knowledge regarding Ayurveda, herbal medicine and Yoga to cure any health ailments naturally.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine and interested in Naturopathy.

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