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Citrus fruit peels

How to use Citrus Fruit peels for home and garden

After eating fruits, we generally throw its peel in dustbin. We consider those as a waste, but those are really useful. Today we will be telling you how to use citrus fruit peels, at...
Regrow vegetables again and again

10 Vegetables that you can regrow again and again

After using the vegetable, we throw the scraps away. Can you think, that these scraps can be used to regrow it again and again! Yes, it is possible and can be easily done at...
uses of banana peels

5 Surprising uses of Banana Peels

Banana is a fleshy fruit rich in Health benefits. After eating the banana, we throw its peel thinking of no use. You may not believe but the peel of banana is multipurpose in nature...
Okra water

Okra Water to treat Diabetes, Cholesterol and Asthma

Okra or Lady finger is a vegetable herb rich in nutrients and health promoting elements. This simple thing can treat diseases like Asthma, Cholesterol and Diabetes.  Hard to believe, But it is true. Okra...