Cayenne pepper

Reverse Heart Attack with Cayenne Pepper in just a minute

When someone gets the cardiac/heart attack, they immediately rush to the hospital. Actually, this is not the right aid. Do you know, Cayenne pepper can save your heart attack? This should be the first...
Tree of Ashoka

10 Health benefits of Medicinal Herb- Ashoka tree

When you go to park or some gardens, you will find some rows of trees giving an elegant look. Those are called Ashoka trees. Do you know, apart being an ornamental plant, it has...
Health benefits of Giloy

Giloy/Amruthaballi:10 Natural Health Benefits

What is health? A well-being state of the body in which all functions and systems are performed with ease. Thus, good health is a synonym for a good lifestyle and a healthy diet. As...
health benefits of bhetki fish

Health Benefits of Bhetki Fish

Bhetki fish, also known as “Bhala” in West Bengal, is a very common and preferred delicacy in Bengali cuisine. This fish could be easily identified with its long body a short tail. It's easy...