Healthy Diet for an Underweight person

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As obesity is the house of diseases, similarly an underweight body with ill-health is also the correct victim of diseases. Half of the Indian population is underweight. Today we will be discussing about the correct diet for an underweight person.

A skinny body, without any flesh can’t be considered as smart and sexy one. It will always give a disturbed and ill look. In India, specially in rural communities; half of the people are skinny and underweight.

Thus they are classified in deprived communities. Half of the children below the age of 10 are malnutrition and prone of several ill-health diseases.

Causes of Underweight body:

There can be a lot of reasons of a thin and ill body. Following are some of the very common and the obvious reasons are given as below.

Underweight person
Underweight person
  • Starvation due to famine or poverty, is the main cause of Underweight body in India.
  • Underweight also results from debilitating diseases like T.B, diabetes, malabsorption syndrome or Cancer.
  • Psychological factors  like anorexia nervosa  is also the foremost reasons leading to severe weight loss. Stress and depression too accompanies with this.
  • Pathological conditions like fevers and gastrointestinal disturbances, decreases the absorption and digestion capacity which evenly leads to weight loss.

Nutritional and food requirement for an underweight person:

Commonly, we advise the underweight person to eat lot and lot. But this is not the correct way. The nutritional need should be met wisely, so that the curse of underweight body can be erased from all.

diet for a healthy body
diet for a healthy body

A high calorie, high protein, high fat diet with liberal vitamin intake recommended. A balanced diet should be planned based on the body requirements.


The calorie requirements vary depending upon the activities. To increase weight, your calorie intake should be far excess than the working level. An additional 500 kcals per day is recommended. The increase should be gradual and one should not exert force in it, otherwise digestive disturbances may occur.


Proteins is known for muscle buildup. For an underweight person, instead of 1 g protein, 1.2 g per kg is recommended for tissue building. Good quality of protein such as nuts, tofu, soya, lentils etc must be included in diet.


Even though fat content is increased, easily digestible fats are to be included. Fried and Fatty foods are not recommended, they can lead to severe health problem in future references. High calorie fatty foods such as cream, butter, vegetable oils, cheese etc helps to increase weight.


Carbohydrates; in excess gets emulsified into fats thus helps to increase weight easily. You should take food stuffs rich is carbohydrates and starch like, potato, yams, dried fruits, nuts, cereals etc. In non- vegetarian section, go for red meats, eggs, fish, chicken etc.

Easily digestible foods should be given. Porridge, cutlets, potato chips, high-protein drinks, thick soups etc are the best options.

Vitamins and Minerals-

No need to add extra vitamins and minerals in your diet. Your current intake is optimum.


Fluids should not be taken before or with a meal, but only after a meal so that food intake is not reduced. Enough fluids must be taken so as to avoid constipation.

Dietary guidelines to increase weight:

  1. A walk before talking meals can make an individual more hungry.
  2. Diet can be varied, so that one never feels it boar. Several new foods and recipes can be tried.
  3. Serving size for an underweight person should be increased. Milk consumption is very necessary, it should be 1 litre.
  4. The calorie intake of an underweight person should be high and rich in proteins and carbohydrates.
  5. Dairy foods such as milk, cheese, butter etc are must.

So, in this way we saw how to turn an underweight body to the fit and healthy one. Guys, a skinny and fleshless body is appreciated by none. Give a boost to your diet and see the miracle.

Hope you like the article. Kindly share so that everyone can get benefited to it. Take care and live well!

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