Clean teeth with turmeric and coconut oil

Whiten your teeth naturally with Turmeric and coconut oil

Teeth represent your personality and caring nature. Pearly white teeth represent good natured and clarity, whereas pale and yellow teeth shows irresponsible and unhygiene. Today we will be telling you a very natural way...
home remedies for toned skin

Natural remedies to tighten your skin at home

As we age, our skin goes on a transition phase from youthful, younger-looking skin to sagging loose skin. Skin loses its collagen and elasticity. When skin starts losing elasticity, we experience wrinkles, fine lines,...

Say Goodbye to Snoring with this Homemade remedy

Snoring or Sleep apnea is a very common problem among men and women. It makes you frustrated and results wakeful nights. People tries a lot of things to get rid of this, but the...
Forbidden rice

Nutrition and Black Rice benefits : The Forbidden Rice

Forbidden Rice, sounds strange na! Despite of being less popular, forbidden rice or black rice has more impressive health benefits than any other grains. Today we will be talking about Forbidden rice itself. Forbidden...