Choose the best Lipstick as per your Skin tone

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Lipstick is one of the common makeup wore by all the girls. It not only gives color but also nourishes your lips. Many times, we are not able to guess which shade is suitable for our skin tone. Today we will be telling you how to choose out the perfect color for your skin tone.

Makeup looks good, if you wear it in definite look and as accordance to your skin shade. The color should be of the right shade to complement your skin undertones. It is the most important rule, for any makeup to look nice.

Many times, the makeup itself ruin our look, just because of indefinite and improper shade choose. Let us see how to choose a correct lipstick for our skin type.


Different shades of lipstick

1. Lipstick for dark-skinned women-

A dark-skinned woman too looks good, when she is appropriate with her makeup. There are many shades available for a dark skin tone. Bronze shimmer, chocolate dark, brown, purple shade, fuchsia tint, cinnamon brown, glossy lipsticks etc are the best suited ones.

2. Lipstick for medium skin complexion-

If your skin looks as wheat brown or little dull shade then also you have a lot of choice for lipsticks. Medium shade means, one or two shade below than fair. Such women can go for, brick red, magenta, coffee brown, Rose, coral, deep burgundy, orange based reds, caramel etc.

They should better use matte ones, and in moist seasons gloss will go better.

3. Lipstick for fair skin tone-

Well, every color suits on a fair skin. Still, if you want a correct look, then a correct choice is very important. The best lipstick color for a fair skin is scarlet matte red and rose pink. Matte colors go best with fair skin. Pure red, orange, coral pink matte, peach, red with purple hue etc are some of the best colors for fair skin tone.

Any lipstick looks good when it is of soft and nourishing texture.  It should not just coloring your lips, it should give you a nourished and comfortable feel.

So girls, now choose the correct lipstick as per your skin and spread the magic everywhere. Hope you like the article, share as much as you can. Look good and feel good.

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