5 reasons why you should avoid drinking Cold drinks

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Among all the beverages and liquid items, cold drinks are one of our fav. It is liked by everyone, whether a kid or an old person. Today we will be telling you the reasons why one should stop taking these.

The zingy tangy flavor of cold drinks, is appreciated by everyone! In any occasions, guest meetings, get-together or friend chit-chat, we like to hangout with cold drinks.

This is the addiction! Do you know, this flavored drink is simply a time bomb for your health? It is simply killing you and making you addicted of it.

Today we will be talking on the topic of general awareness. And it will be why to avoid or stop drinking cold drinks. It will open your eyes are realize you the bottle of cold drink is simply the bottle of poison; but in colourful and addictive form.

Hard truth about Cold drink:

side effects of soda drinks
side effects of soda drinks

Cold drinks are enormously popular beverages consisting primarily of carbonated water, sugar, and flavorings. They are such products which scrutinized by the environment and human rights department for inducing bad and unhealthy food products.

These are nothing but the sugar or artificially sweetened soda with color added in it.

Let us begin why not to add cold drinks in your life. I’m sure, after the reading you will hesitate or think once again before having a glass of coke! Get ready.

Reasons why you should avoid drinking Cold drinks:

1. Leads to kidney failure-

Your favorite cold drink can be one of thee major causes of Kidney renal failure. The artificial sweeteners and soda present, makes the solid deposition of stone in your organs and also makes your kidneys harassed.

This reason is quite obvious, why cold drinks can cause Kidney failure. Isn’t it!

2. Increases the risk of Diabetes

Cold drinks are such other aerated drinks increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes, 5 times more than normal. A diabetic patient should never touch aerated drinks, similarly a non-diabetic patient should avoid these drinks in order to keep diabetes away.

3. Causes imbalance in mental attitude-

According to a survey done, a cold drink addicted person is 5 times much aggressive and violent as compared to non-drinker.  The elements and high sugar content present, makes your mind violent which can even lead to psychological problems in future.

4. Results in premature baby-

For a pregnant woman, cold drink is no more than tangy poison! A pregnant woman should never have such hard and fizzy drinks. It has been concluded that 7 out of 10 pregnant woman who was taking cold drinks during pregnancy, gave birth to premature babies.

The harmful elements and excessive artificial sweetener, is also very bad for the baby.

5. Can lead to rickets and Osteoporosis-

By drinking every glass of cold drink, your bones decreases its calcium content to 0.2%.  Drinking soft/cold drinks increases the risk of weak bones and osteoporosis. It is like the acid which, dissolves your bone slowly and can be very bad.

Alternatives for Cold drink:

Now, if you subtract cold drink from your life; what zingy tangy can be added. Following are the list of drinks which are fully natural, and much better than cold drink.

  • Shikanji; a natural drink prepared with lemon and mint leaves is a very good and healthy alternative for cold drink.
  • Fruit juices with the tint of lemon juice in it, is the best thing.
  • Masala buttermilk can be placed instead of cold drinks, especially during summers.
  • Rooh afza
  • Jaljeera water, a natural appetizer is best thing to keep your body cool and also aids in digestive problems.

 Drinking cold drink is nothing but slowly moving towards from the good health to bad health and slow death. Give it a break and open your eyes. Take care and live well!

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