5 body warming foods must have during winters

5 body warming foods during winter

When we take the name winter, what comes to our mind? Chapped lips, dry skin, dull and dry skin tone, freezing temperature and so on! But, do you know winters are the best time to increase our immunity and health? Yes, this is true. In India, North Indian regions receive cold in which everyone loves to cling to the blankets and warmers. This is the time when you can either upgrade or deteriorate your health. 

This is the climate where we can eat all the healthiest and avoid all unwanted sugars and refined products. Yes, this statement suits very well here; ‘Healthy can be tasty too’. 

Why so much healthy food in winter?

Take a piece of cucumber or any veggie and deep freeze it for an hour. What will you find? A shrunken veggie piece. It will resemble the veggie piece cuddling itself to stay protected from the cold. The same happens with our skin. Winters make our skin shrink which tightens the skin pores, allowing the natural oils to come out and soothe the skin layer. This is high time to provide external care, in the form of healthy kinds of stuff and greasing skin with all the natural oils. 

Today we will discuss about 5 foods that are best to have during winters. These are heat-producing foods, which keep us warm and healthy all around the winters. 

a female preparing body warming food in winters

5 body warming foods are

Root vegetables

root vegetables during winter

You know the vegetables that take long and grow inside the ground, are nutrient-dense and loaded with many other vitamins and minerals. It is best during winters and cold weather, as those are heat-producing and filling as well. Potatoes, yams, radishes, turnips, carrots etc are some of the examples. It also helps to prevent winter diseases like cough, cold, flu etc.

Spices and condiments

spices in winters

Aromatic spices in their natural way are just something heavenly! Have you ever noticed peppercorns,  cloves or cardamom ripening on its branch? It’s so satisfying! Spices are not just used to add flavours to our food, but it has numerous health benefits as well. During winter, spices help to retain body heat, enhance immunity and also aid in healthy blood circulation. Not just that it promotes healthy digestion. Healthy spices like cloves, cumin, peppers, cardamom, turmeric, carom seeds, fennel, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger etc are proven to keep away winter issues like flu, cough, phlegm etc. 

Dry fruits and nuts

nuts in winter
5 body warming foods must have during winters 6

Here comes our gorgeous and licious dry fruits! When it comes to gifting on festive occasions; what is the most common thing everyone prefers ‘dry fruits and nuts’? These are gifts, not just as fancy but also for our dear health. A handful of dry fruits and nuts is just the right thing for a kick start of an energetic and happy day. Talking as a winter food, dry fruits are loaded with nutrients, roughage and all kinds of micro and macro elements that our body needs. Walnuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, prunes, apricots, raisins etc should be included in our daily diet. As a whole or in any cooked, dessert or any form. 

Healthy puddings

In India, what are the best things you like during winter? Gajar ka halwa,  moong dal halwa, gajak, gond laddu, besan laddu, dry fruits laddu and whatnot! There is a big list of winter delicacies in India, that too in a healthy way. These not only add exotic flavours in our freezing weather but are the best source of nutrition and retaining heat in the body. They are richly made of ghee, dry fruits, jaggery and all such natural items.  


hot soup in winter

Yes, this is the perfect thing which brews the aroma of winter! Soups, preferred by all age groups, come in many flavours and types. Sipping a bowl of hot soup when it is freezing outside, is just awesome. It retains body heat keeping it warm and away from winter maladies. The reason being, it has the least of fats and lots of fibres in it. Full of veggies, herbs and condiments; all this makes it a wholesome bowl of nutrition. It has less oil butter or any fat elements, making it just suitable for health freaks. 

So these were our 5 winter-friendly foods. You can make your winters either loaded with medicines and hospitals or enjoying and relishing. It all depends upon your choice. So be ready,, winters are here and it’s time to keep a keen eye on your health. Stay healthy and have a beautiful winter. 

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