5 important Prenatal Tests during Pregnancy

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Congratulations, you are  pregnant now! Now you need to be more careful about your health. We want a healthy baby and healthy you at the end of pregnancy. In the present date, there are a numerous tests available called Prenatal Tests for a pregnant woman. Here are 5 important Prenatal Tests during Pregnancy.

In the vast range of tests, how to guess which tests are really needed for you.  Tests and scans are there to make sure that you and the developing fetus is absolutely safe. In many places, doctors advises you to go for a large number of tests, which are sometimes not needed even.

Getting a regular checkup is very important to have a healthy baby and pregnancy. In this 9 months, it is very important for you to get regularly checked with important scans, blood tests etc. Here we are giving you the list of 5 important tests during pregnancy.

5 important Prenatal Tests during Pregnancy:-

1. Ultrasound test for fetal nuchal translucency (NT)-

nuchal translucency screening
nuchal translucency screening

Nuchal translucency screening uses an ultrasound test to examine the area at the back of the fetal neck for increased fluid or thickening. It can be said as one of the most important tests in prenatal tests. It also detects any of the deformities appearing in your baby.

2. Blood Test-

blood test during pregnancy
blood test during pregnancy

At your first prenatal visit you will have a blood test to ensure you are immunized against rubella and to screen for three infections: syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV.

A blood test will also be used to determine the mother’s blood type and Rh factor. Everyone inherits blood cells that are either Rh positive, or Rh negative. The blood test will be used to determine the pregnant woman’s Rh compatibility with her growing fetus.

3. Ultrasound scans-

Prenatal Tests in pregnancy
Ultrasound during pregnancy

This screening test uses sound waves to create an image of the baby in the uterus. The test is used to determine the size and position of the fetus, as well as any potential abnormalities in the structure of the growing bones and organs of the baby. A level 2 ultrasound is performed if a level 1 ultrasound is abnormal, or if the prenatal screening tests are abnormal.

4. Glucose sceenings-

A glucose screening test checks for gestational diabetes, which is a (usually) temporary condition that can develop during pregnancy. Glucose screenings are usually performed during the second trimester. If you do test positive for gestational diabetes you are also at higher risk for diabetes later in life and should be retested after the pregnancy.

5. Amniocentesis-

amniocentesis process for pregnancy
amniocentesis process for pregnancy

amniocentesis is one of the most advanced tests done during pregnancy. It has also a condition, which is a double marker test. In this test, 5 ml of your blood sample will be taken which will then be checked in laboratory. If any fault comes in the test, then you will have to go for amniocentesis.

So these were some of the important Prenatal tests which are compulsory to be performed. These are must to be performed which conclude a good health for both the mother and the baby. All these insures you for a healthy pregnancy, these are conducted and has their own specific time. Have a healthy pregnancy and stay well.

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