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To Stay Healthy And Wise – Rely on Keto Diet

Keti diet
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People’s obsession with the idea of perfect looks makes them try everything to attain it. Some workout or fast while many start restricting their diet.

 But getting good results out of all this requires some amount of information. It should act as boon not bane. 

For all those who are concerned with health and looks, keto diet is the master plan.


1. What is keto Diet?

  • Keto diet focuses on food that provides ample amounts of proteins, minimal  amount of carbohydrates and is enriched in healthy fats.
  • It is not only reduces weight but also maintains health wonderfully.
  • Keto diet can help you out in ailments such as Diabetes Mellitus, Alzheimer,cancer and many more

Keto Diet’s Action On Body

When we intake carbohydrate rich food , our digestion system  breaks it down  into sugar packets.These packets are then circulated through the blood stream. This sugar is used as an energy source by the human body.

Keto diet reduces our carbohydrate intake.This decreases the circulation of blood sugar (energy) and compels our body to look for other sources for energy. 

Our body now starts using fats and proteins to acquire energy. For this purpose it starts breaking down assimilated fats into ketone bodies.These are then used as an energy source till our body gets carbohydrate rich diet.



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