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Keti diet
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People’s obsession with the idea of perfect looks makes them try everything to attain it. Some workout or fast while many start restricting their diet.

 But getting good results out of all this requires some amount of information. It should act as boon not bane. 

For all those who are concerned with health and looks, keto diet is the master plan.

1What is keto Diet?

  • Keto diet focuses on food that provides ample amounts of proteins, minimal  amount of carbohydrates and is enriched in healthy fats.
  • It is not only reduces weight but also maintains health wonderfully.
  • Keto diet can help you out in ailments such as Diabetes Mellitus, Alzheimer,cancer and many more

Keto Diet’s Action On Body

When we intake carbohydrate rich food , our digestion system  breaks it down  into sugar packets.These packets are then circulated through the blood stream. This sugar is used as an energy source by the human body.

Keto diet reduces our carbohydrate intake.This decreases the circulation of blood sugar (energy) and compels our body to look for other sources for energy. 

Our body now starts using fats and proteins to acquire energy. For this purpose it starts breaking down assimilated fats into ketone bodies.These are then used as an energy source till our body gets carbohydrate rich diet.

2Forms of Keto Diet

There are numerous versions of Keto diet that can be considered for different people.

  1. Standard ketogenic diet (SKD):This includes the ratio of 75:20:5 for fat, protein and carbs respectively.
  1. Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD):

This is a periodic diet in which keto diet is followed by carb diet.It involves a period of carbfeeds after  being on keto diet for a few days. For instance, 5 ketodays followed by 2carbs as cycle.

  1. Targeted ketogenic diet (TKD):One who often worksout can intake carbs under this diet.
  2. High- protein  ketogenic diet :This diet is more like SKD. Here, ratio is 60:35:5 for fat, protein and carbs respectively.
High- protein  ketogenic diet

3Health, Illness and Keto

Apart from weight loss, keto diet also improves health and controls diseases. It yields surprising results to mental and physical issues.

Heart diseases: By burning excess fat, keto diet reduces the heart disease factors like body fats,high blood pressure and blood sugar.

Diabetes: When a non diabetic person is on a carb diet, the body uses glucose for energy. This ends up as blood sugar. Increasing blood sugar levels induce the production hormone insulin from pancreas. This hormone helps blood sugar in entering cells and being used as energy.

On the contrary, this mechanism isn’t the same for a diabetic person. In a diabetic person there are alterations in metabolism, high blood sugar and impaired hormonal function. (insulin).

While on keto diet when the body is deprived with blood sugar, it uses stored fat for energy. Hence keto diet can be beneficial for diabetic patients.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A carb rich diet may trigger skin problems and weight gain in PCOS patients. Also increased insulin can have adverse effects. In this syndrome keto diet may help in stabilizing.

Epilepsy : According to Epilepsy Foundation,ketosis(mechanism of keto diet)can reduce seizure in epilepsy. Moreover ketogenic diet became popular as a therapy for epilepsy in the 1920’s and 30’s. 

Acne: A diet of refined and processed carbs may adversely trigger skin problems by rising blood sugar and imbalancing the bacteria of the gut. Keto diet may cure acne in this case. 

Protecting Brain Function: Some studies show that keto diet acts as a neuroprotector which provides strength and protects brain and nerve cells. For the same reason it also shows good result in the case of Alzimer disease.

Burning weight: Ketogenic diet spells magic on the body as it is an effective diet that helps in reducing body weight. It is considered better than a low fat diet. 

Keto Diet – Ayurveda perspective

Ayurveda principles are based on Ahara(food/diet) and prakriti of the person on diet. It’s treatments are based on the entire body rather than disease.

Your diet may be enriched with lots of nutritional items but if it’s not digested then it’s of no use. Thus one needs to keep certain points in mind beforehand. 

Source- Self clicked

Keto Diet Herbs
Keto Diet Herbs

4How, Who, What and How much keto?

Atisnigdh( too fatty) and aatiguru(too heavy to digest) are two words describing keto diet. If a person is healthy , with great digestive power (agni) then only this diet is favorable.

It should be kept in mind that keto diet shouldn’t be followed by pregnant females, children or aged people.In addition to this vata prakriti ( person who talks more, physically active) and kapha prakriti people should be excluded.

In short, before starting a keto diet one should properly know about his body status. Depending upon it,keto diet can have good, bad and severe impact on various people and their body functions.

5Ketogenic Ayurvedic Diet –

For this you need to figure out your Ayurvedic body type (prakriti) that is vataj, pittaj,or kaphaj then you can  eat keto food accordingly.

For body type-

  • Vataj body type –Diet should include moist, nourishing, soothing and warm food. For example – cherries, lemon, buffalo milk, eggs, walnuts, almonds, Curry leaves ,peanuts and many more.

Source- Self clicked

  • Pittaj body type –  In this, salty and spicy food should be avoided. Diet should contain food that produces Cooling affect on body. For example –strawberries, cabbage , sprouts,cumin ,ginger, turmeric, curry leaves, cardamom, and many more.
  • Kaphaj body type – One should avoid dairy products and sweets as it aggravates kapha. Eat dry ,light warm foods for example – parsley, nutmeg, freshwater fish, bay leaf, celery , cauliflower and many more.
Keto Diet dos and donts

Source- The Dr. OZ Show

6Adverse effect of prolonged Keto Diet 

There is no doubt that the keto diet works magically. However , its long term use may detorite your health drastically. Some of which include insomnia, fatigue, craving, thinning of hair, muscle cramps ,low platelet count, increased risk of skeletal fractures, menstrual irregularities, amenorrhea and many more . 

In a nutshell- 

  • Keto diet has  magical effects depending on person to person. A thing can be beneficial to one and detrimental for others as everyone is different so are their bodies. 

So follow wisely.

  • Never experiment on your body. First know your body then follow up.
  • Always acknowledge before you try new exercise,diet or home remedies.


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