10 things about your developing Baby you must not be knowing

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In the 9 months of development, your baby undergoes certain changes which are quite funny and interesting even. There are many things that will even make you laugh and you will remember it always. Here we will be sharing 10 developing baby facts and things which may be still unknown to you.

Inside the womb, your baby is like a fish in water. The water is amniotic fluid and the fish is your tiny developing baby! As we all know, in the starting it is called embryo, after 3 months of development it is called fetus and till the 9 months it is known by the same name. When your baby is developing, it dances, it moves, it plays and in this way it develops its first movements.

Developing baby facts
Baby in womb

In this period of development and movements, your baby perform certain things that may be wired or a laughing thing for you. So, let us discuss about some of those facts and things.

Some Amazing Developing Baby facts:-

  1. The new research suggests that babies began to absorb language when they are inside the womb during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. So, upcoming mothers get ready to make your language as soft as possible.
  2. Children can also remember songs they hear in the womb for up to four months. This can be the reason why many kids are irritant while some kids are innocent in nature. Music influences a lot in child’s brain, making them anger or sweet.
  3. Even before preborn children are able to do these things, they still exist. The moment the sperm fertilized the egg, a new human person came into existence!
  4. Your developing babies after 4 months can even respond to the flavor.. If as mother consumes garlic or some strong taste substance, same thing is felt by the baby through the umbilical cord.
  5. The conversation going in front of the mother is also felt by the baby, if someone scolds her, then automatically the baby even gets frightened. If the mother is happy or excited by something, then the movement of kid increases and it also dances.
  6. Along with the ability to feel, see, and hear comes the capacity to learn and remember. For example, a fetus may be startled by a loud noise, but stops responding once the noise has been repeated several times.
  7. Your baby will sleep many times in the course of a day. Around 28 weeks gestation, your baby has developed a regular wake and sleep cycle.
  8. Your baby kick says many things; many times it can be just the excitement whereas sometimes as it is rare, it ca also be the sign of some deformities occurring or suffocation.
  9. The umbilical cord provides your baby with all of the oxygen he needs during pregnancy, but your baby is still busy practicing breathing for when he’s born. At just nine weeks, he starts going through the motions, practicing breathing and perfecting this necessary life skill.
  10. This one might break your heart a little, but there’s a chance your little one could be crying silently in your womb this very minute. Using ultrasound technology, scientists were able to identify crying behaviours in developing babies.

So, these were some of the amazing facts about your tiny little baby. Many mothers often think “Apart from growing, what does my little child do inside the womb”. So, here you go with your answers mommies. These are the developing baby facts which should be known by every becoming mommy. So have a safe pregnancy! Take care and live well.

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