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Yogasana for Anger management- Sasakasana benefits

Anger is the thing which is like a virus; deleting all the positive things and instead of that filling all the stresses and worries in one's life. There can be many reasons for getting...
5 types of Yoga Mudras to stay Healthy

5 types of Yoga Mudras to Stay Healthy

What are Yoga Mudras Everyone wants to stay fit and miles away from diseases. Hardly there will be someone, who will be affected by diseases. Our ancient sages and saints taught us that, in your...

Yogasana to grow height- Sarvangasana

Yogasanas are something which are meant for wholesome development of ones personality. It not only makes you physically fit but also maintains your mental state and spiritual wellness. The health of our entire body...
Balasana Child pose

Relieve your Back and Shoulders with Balasana

After a long day of work, our body gets hampered. The most hampered parts are Back and the shoulders. They gets filled with pain and feels restless. Now, refresh them with the remedy called...