3 Effective ways to conceive a Baby Girl which are scientifically proven

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Pink dresses, hair bands, cute fairy frocks, pinkish shoes and everywhere a girly look! These all are the wishing of parents who want a baby girl. After having one or two boys, the parents will surely wish to have a baby girl. Today we will be telling you 3 easy and effective ways through which you can conceive a baby girl; its scientifically proven and every method will have a scientific logic behind it. So let’s move.

With the advancement of societies and our minds, the thinking of ‘girls are a burden’ are quite erased. Now everybody wants a cute princess in their home. For this, they try certain gender predictions, calendars, old wives tales and many more.

How is the Gender of the baby determined?

how to get baby girl
how to get baby girl

It’s a theory that, if the female egg will be fertilized by the ‘Y’ sperm it will be Boy; whereas if ‘X’ sperm will fertilize the egg it will be a Girl.

Many say, then how can we decide which sperm will go for the fertilization? After certain trials, experiments and surveys done, it has been proven that for the first 50 days of the life (about 3 months), the developing fetus is a girl!

It is afterward decided by the mother’s diet and habits, whether it will turn to a boy or will remain a girl fetus.

Now, we shall be giving you 3 Effective and scientific methods, which will be a boon for those willing for a cute princess.

3 Ways to Conceive a Baby Girl naturally-

Whatever God gives you, boy or girl it is a treasure! But still you are eager to get a daughter, then follow the tricks and you will get the magic in form of a sweet little angel!

1. Increasing the pH level of the body-

Dairy products
Dairy products

Do you know, ‘Y’ sperms can’t sustain so long in an acidic atmosphere! Whereas the ‘X’ sperms find acidic or increased pH good to reach the egg easily and effectively.

If you are willing for a girl, then for the first month of conception both male and female should include, lots of calcium, potassium and magnesium food in their diet. Through this, the Y cells will no longer survive and it will be a passage for X cells to fertilize the egg.

Milk, dairy products, carrots, cauliflower, peanuts, almonds, oranges, kiwis,  and other calcium supplements should be taken. Male should take it till the pregnancy is conceived, whereas the expected mother should continue it till 3 months so that to ensure that the developing fetus will be a baby girl.

2. Odd number dates for a baby girl-

odd dates
odd dates

Here Odd number doesn’t mean ‘wrong’, it means dates like 7, 9, 13 etc. Those seeking for a baby girl should try on the odd number days. For example, if the mensturation has begun on 1st then you can try on 7th, 9th, 13th etc like odd dates.

It will increase the chances of developing a baby girl. Y sperms move faster than the X ones, so those willing for the baby girl should make sure that after insemination, as fast as possible the sperm reaches the egg; it will increase the chances for the baby girl.

3. Tangy and Mineral rich for the Baby girl-

citrus fruits
citrus fruits

For the first three months, the mother should take lots of tangy foods (avoiding artificial ones); such as oranges instead of apples. Berries, oranges, kiwis, wheat etc creates a correct atmosphere for the development of a girl fetus.


The post is just to help those who are willing to have a Girl. It doesn’t support any discrimination between the genders. After all, everyone wants to have a cute girl and every parent having a son, wants a small baby sister!

All the methods are scientifically based and works when you have a correct mind set-up for it.

Share this to all and do not forget to leave your comments below. Take care and live well!

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