5 foods to increase milk production in lactating mothers

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“Mother’s milk is best for your baby.” This statement can be found in every baby food packets. Today we will be telling you about the foods which increases milk production.

Benefits of mother’s milk:

breastfeeding baby
breastfeeding baby

There is no substitute for mother’s milk. It has immense health benefits which are given below.

  • Mother’s milk has medicinal properties which protects the baby from numerous disorder.
  • The first secreted milk, called colustrum is like nectar for newborns. It has all the nutrients which are required to the baby.
  • Mother’s milk provides immunity to the baby which protects it from outer pathogens and diseases
  • Most important, it develops a strong bond between mother and the baby which is called kangaroo care.

Problems related to lactation:

Soon after delivery, there are many females who find it difficult or unable for milk secretion. In many cases, there is very less production which leads the baby to starve.

In such, formula preparations are provided but of course they cannot compete the breastfeed.

Why this is caused?

Inappropriate milk production can be due to a variety of reasons like deficiency in diet, hereditary causes, surgical reasons and many others. Many times, these problems can also occur due to hormonal imbalances during or before pregnancy and many more.

Now we will be telling you the food items that trigger milk production. One should breastfeed a baby till 2-3 years. It boosts their immune system and is essential for inner strength.

Foods to increase milk production:

1. Milk and dairy products-

milk for health
milk for health

A lactating mother must include milk and lots of dairy products like cheese, curd etc in her diet. Being rich in calcium and vitamin D it is very good for both mother and the baby.

Many prefer to add some protein powder in milk but, Full cream milk with a teaspoon of ghee is the best. Even in the periods of pregnancy, milk intake should be high as it has lots of health benefits and actually contributes in the milk production soon after delivery.

2. Fenugreek-

Fenugreek for milk production
Fenugreek for milk production

Fenugreek or Methi is the best thing for lactating mothers. The bitterness of Methi doubles the milk production and gives endurance to the baby. The vitamins and minerals present helps to trigger the milk production.

Methi can be taken in the form of laddu, parathe of the seeds can be grinded into powder and added into food. One can also sprout the seeds and eat it. Sprouts doubles its benefits and is very effective. It is very good for lactating mothers.

3. Pulses and lentils-

pulses for lactating mothers
pulses for lactating mothers

All the pulses are rich in protein and enhances milk production. Pulses specially the masoor Dal is best for milk production. It should be taken regularly and in big quantity.

A lactating mother must include dal in her daily diet, with a teaspoon of ghee in it. It can be taken with rice and should also be drank in semi-liquid form.

4. Green vegetables-

green vegetables
green vegetables

Green vegetables like spinach, gourds, okra, peas, green beans etc contributes a lot for milk production. Vegetables should be taking in large servings.

It is rich in folate, zinc and other minerals which is best for new mothers. Green vegetables can also be taken in the form of green salads, with a toss of lemon in it.

5. Ajwain or carom-

After delivery, new mothers is advised to drink ‘ajwain ka pani’ and include ajwain in her diet. It is very essential to provide correct quantity of milk to the baby.

Ajowan seeds for milk production
Ajowan seeds

It refines the body, thus is also good for mother’s health. Although it has very sharp taste and is neglected even. You can make it interesting by adding in Puri, paratha curries etc.

In this way we saw how a lactating mother can provide correct and good quality of milk to her baby. Breastfeeding is a responsibility which is the first step to grow healthy babies. Healthy foods must be taken for correct milk production.

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