Top 10 Fat burning foods to cure Obesity

Top 10 fat burning foods to cure obesity
Top 10 fat burning foods to cure obesity
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It is well said, “A sound mind is in sound body”. When your body is healthy and fit, then only you can step towards success and happiness. Have you seen anyone successful who is weak, unhealthy and unfit. It is like next to impossible. In the present world, everyone is busy with their duties and schedule; only few cares about themselves and their health. One of the major afflictions seen in today’s world is “Obesity”. It is the root cause of every disease. This article is focused on fat burning foods to cure Obesity.

What is Obesity?

Fat burning foods to cure Obesity

The word Obesity is derived from the word ‘Obese’; which means over-fat. Obesity is a condition where our body weight increases many times as compared to our BMI (Body Mass Index). Our body looks very bulky and bulge. It damages our physique and slowly makes us ill.

When your body weight is ample to its height and sex, then only it is considered as the healthy one. Adipose tissues or Fat cells starts getting deposited on our inner skin surface making us fat and obese. In India, 8 out of 10 are suffering from this issue.

Factors contributing to Obesity:

There are many factors which contributes to an obese body; some of them are listed below

  • Increased intake of junk foods
  • Lack of physical activities and a trend of leading the sedentary lifestyle
  • Hereditary reasons
  • Overeating
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Diseases which Obesity leads to:

Expected diseases due to Obesity
Expected diseases due to Obesity

It’s a fact; Obesity is the root cause of major diseases. But how is it so? Today we will know how this mechanism works actually. How can the fluency of disease increases to many times; when a body turns obese.

  • When we are fit and healthy; all the veins, arteries, organs and body parts has the correct environment to work.
  • As our body starts getting bulge, there is the deposition of unwanted tissues which makes an environment of suffocation.
  • The arteries of heart start getting shrink and gets blocked with fat deposits; called plaque leading to several heart disorders.
  • Slowly, when it still remains untreated; those fat starts depleting body cells and ultimately disrupts the system leading to disease like heart attacks, cholesterol problems, stones in body parts, gout, arthritis and many more.

Myths related to a fat body:

In many parts of India, especially in rural areas; a fat body is considered to be healthy and well-working. Yes, fat body is good only till it does not crosses the BMI limit. Many of our mothers and grandmothers; conclude a fit and trim body as a malnutrition one; but it is not so.

Earlier,when our ancestors used to live; that time the food products, edible, air, water etc was so healthy and pure that only leads to a healthy body. But in today’s world, that purity is lost.  That is why, today if we a\eat the same amount of food that our grandmother ate; then we will turn obese.

This is the only reason; our grandparents are still so healthy and fit even in senescence age. That time life span of humans used to raise till 110-120; but today it has decreased to 80-90.

Modern medicine to cure Obesity:

In the section of Modern medicine or Allopath, several fat-cutting drugs and medications are available. But, as a fact all of them artificial which even lead to many side effects. a surgical process called ‘Liposuction’ is done in the case of huge obesity. In this, the extra fat is removed through operation. All these procedures becomes unaffordable for poor and weak persons.

Now, we will be talking about 10 super foods which helps to cut down extra fat naturally; reducing obesity.

How the natural food helps to cure obesity?

Before moving to our food list, first let us know how these works. These contains soluble fibres and other natural compounds which acts as a cuter for extra fats. Being natural and available as natural food, these are free from side-effects even.

Here is top 10 fat burning foods to cure Obesity:

Here, we will be giving top 10 food and liquids which are really helpful to cure Obesity. All these are helpful, only if you have patience. It is not like drugs or medication which will work immediately.

1. Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water to reduce obesity
Drink lots of water

Water is a hydrating liquid which is colourless, odourless and tasteless. a well-grown adult should intake 3-4 litres of water daily. Being negligible in calorie intake, it also quenches some of your hunger aiding in your fat deposits. When you start you day regularly with a glass of warm water; it helps to cut down extra fat thus with regular practice it makes you slim and trim.

Don’t have water in huge amounts at once. Sip and drink it; in the way that you frequently drink water in small small amounts. As a fact, when you drink water a lot at once, it retards your digestive fire ad is not absorbed wholly by body and runs out through body.

2. Oats and Wholegrain will work

Wholegrain for Obesity
Wholegrain for Obesity

Many of us likes to rely only with heat and rice. Bring a little change in your diet, include oats and whole grain in your diet. These are easy digestible and free from extra carbs. Being rich in soluble fibres, it help to cut down extra fat and also quenches your hunger. A bowl of oats in breakfast is a good option.

3. Watermelon will help

Watermelon to cure Obesity
Watermelon to curb Obesity

Watermelon is made of 90% water. It is also very less in calories thus a very good thing for those willing to reduce fat. It is rich in carotene, vitamins, minerals, water, trace metals and soluble fibres. Many prefers watermelon juice, but the eating form is much better; as it contains fibrous elements helping to curb obesity.

4. Start your day with Honey and Lime

Honey and lime for health
Honey and lime for health

Honey and Lime/lemon is a good combination for healthy body. Infuse both in warm water and have it daily morning. It is a good fat cutter. The content of Vitamin C, minerals, fructose, Iron etc are very good for a flat belly. It also provides energy and refreshes you for a good and healthy morning. Everyone should have this early morning just after waking up.

5. Curry leaves

Curry leaves to curb obesity
Curry leaves to curb obesity

Curry leave are rich in Iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and other trace metals. It is a very good and affordable way to curb obesity. Try to eat 10-12 fully developed curry leaves on an empty stomach every morning. Chew the leaves and drink its juice completely. Continue this for a few months. It is a very good way for weight loss.

6. Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds for health
Fennel seeds for health

Fennel is one of the popular and the ancient way to reduce appetite. Those ho chew fennel seeds after meals; never suffers from cholesterol and weight related disorders. Boil 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds in 2 glasses of water till it becomes half; strain the solution and drink it every morning. Being tasty, it helps to quench the hunger and reduces your appetite.

7. Herbal tea

Herbal tea for obesity
Herbal tea for obesity

Herbal tea; a tea prepared with mint, tulsi, ginger, cloves and black pepper. It is a good and the easiest way to loose fat deposits. Replace your cup of ilk tea with herbal tea and see the magic. It is rich in antioxidants which helps to cut down fats. Winter season is also coming; and this time herbal tea will have dual action; help to keep your body warm and fit and will also help to fat burning.

8. Mint leaves

Mint leaves to cure obesity
Mint leaves to cure obesity

Mint is well-known for its digestive properties and keeping your bowels clean. When your digestive system is healthy, then fat deposit will melt easily. Add a few drops of mint extract in a glass of lukewarm water; stir well and drink it. Drink it 1 hour after the meals; it will enhance your digestion and will also help to reduce weight.

9. Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables for health
Fresh vegetables for health

Vegetables such as broccoli, tomato, gourds, carrots, leafy greens etc are the good food for fat burning. Fill you stomach with raw salads or steamed ones. These are rich in nutrients and very less in calorie intake. Apart from junk and fast foods, try to have these healthy veggies. Increase the quantity of vegetables in your diet and see the magic.

10. Flat Tummy Water

Flat tummy water for obesity
Flat tummy water for obesity

Flat Tummy Water is a water infused with cucumber, ginger, lemon, mint etc. It is taken as a normal water with rock salt. It is the proven remedy for fat burning. One should have it on a daily basis to cure Obesity. But, this is not for those who wats to hurry up in this case too; it is a time-taking process and works in patience.

Guys, Obesity is really an affliction for modern lives. It seems to be easy but is a storehouse of diseases. If you are also one of the obese persons, then try our Top 10 Fat burning foods to cure Obesity. Have patience and hope. Take care and Live well!

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