5 Natural Treatment you can do using Limestone


Limestone also called ‘chuna’, is a white-colored material which is often used in ‘paan’. Do you know, this simpler thing can treat a number of disorders.

Today we will be talking about 6 health therapies, with limestone.

Swadeshi medicine; Limestone can simply be categorized into this! It is free from any additives and health affecting chemicals.

Now let us have a look at the following therapies, one can do using limestone.

Health benefits of Limestone:

limestone powder
limestone powder

1. Good during pregnancy-

A pregnant woman must take chuna as a medicinal diet. Take a cup of pomegranate juice, mixed with a pinch of limestone powder in it. Mix well and take it regularly, for 9 months.

Being rich in calcium, it will promote healthier growth of the baby, ensures normal delivery and will also develop intellect and sharpness in the kid.

2. Treats Anaemia-

If you are suffering from blood loss or anaemia, then you must intake some chuna powder. Add a pinch of chuna powder, in orange juice or pomegranate juice.

Take this regularly, it is very good to combat anaemia and blood problems.

3. Good for developing kids-

A studying studuent must take chuna, in some way like in juice. It grows their IQ level and also develops intellect. It also treats memory and increases height.

Take a cup of curd and add a pinch of limestone powder in it. If the kid hesitates for curd, then add limestone in dal.

Give thiss regularly, it is very good for developing kids.

4. Treats impotency-

In the case of lower sperm count, this white substance ‘chuna’ is a very good option. In a glass of sugarcane juice, mix a pinch of china and take this regularly.

The same therapy can be done with woman, who does not produces optimum egg cells.

5. Helpful in treating Jaundice-

Jaundice is a liver disease, in which the skin, eyes and nails turns yellowish. You can save your life against the disease, using chuna.

Drinking a pinch of chuna powder, mixed in a glass of sugarcane juice is very essential to treat jaundice. This should be given to the patient regularly.

Hope this article may prove a medicine for some! Share this to all and don’t forget to leave a comment. Take care and live well!


  1. Jooth fake no normal delivery i ate chuna full nine months but at 9 months 4 days my afi fluid goes to level 2 count and doc suggest surgery as head is not fixed and and at this amounitic fluid level baby will not resist pains

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