5 Fun ways to predict your unborn baby’s gender

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Girl or Boy? It is a very exciting question for every mother and fathers-to-be! This is a puzzle and a guess kind of question, which makes you excited each day of those 9 months. Today we will be telling you some fun easy ways to predict your baby gender.

baby gender

gender prediction of baby

In the modern world, using sonography and other medical procedures, one can easily detect the baby’s gender. But it is quite shameful and a kind of criminal act!

There are many old wives tales and other predicting methods, to predict the baby gender; whether it is a boy or a girl.

Let’s give it a try, and find out what are you carrying, a boy or a girl! This will be really fun and happy one, isn’t it?

5 Ways to predict baby gender:

1. Heartbeat will show-

baby heartbeat

baby heartbeat

Every time when you visit to your gynecologist for routine checkup, she will fir check the baby’s heart rate using a doppler. Do you know, the heart rate can be a guess for baby gender?

Next time when you visit to the doctor, ask the heart rate. If it is more than 140 then it can be the sign you are carrying a baby girl, if it is lesser than 140 then it can be a baby boy!

2. Ring test-

ring test for baby gender

ring test for baby gender

This is one of the most accurate ways to predict baby gender. You need to get a ring (probably wedding ring), tie it to a thread and make it swing over the pregnant belly.

It ring moves back and front, as a pendulum then the chances are there for a baby boy. If the ring moves in a circular motion, there are high of getting a baby girl!

3. Food Cravings-

food cravings in pregnancy

food cravings in pregnancy

In the mid-set of pregnancy, many woman feel food cravings. Some feel to eat sour and pickles, whereas many prefer and likes sweets and desserts. If you are craving for sweets, then most probably you are carrying a baby boy.

Old wives tales, too show that if you are craving for pickles and sour items, then chances are it could be a girl!

4. Chinese gender chart-

Chinese gender chart

Chinese gender chart

Researches shows that Chinese gender charts are 90% accurate and true, if used properly. It has been discovered hundreds of years ago, and is readily used.

5. Morning sickness tells many things-

morning sickness in pregnancy

morning sickness in pregnancy

Morning sickness is very common during pregnancy. If you are getting very worse and regular sickness, then most probably it is a girl. In those 9 months, if you had no such morning sickness or very fewer ones then it could be a boy.

In this way, we saw the five easy tricks for guessing the baby gender. If you too are expecting, then must give this a try.

Share it to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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