Advantages of Umbilical cord and its goodness for baby

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Umbilical cord is like the wire which connects the baby to his mother inside the womb. It is actually the origin of the baby.. Today we will be telling you the advantages of cord which is the life of the baby.

Small kids are like tender buds. Their skin body parts are very delicate and soft. There is a need of proper care and concern when handling an infant.

Flu’s and infections are very common among new born babies; the reason is their immune system is very weak and lacks the ample amount of WBCs in their tiny metabolism.

Soon after the birth, baby enters into a new world where he/she is liable to tackle all kinds of pediatric ailments and flu’s. Let us come to the master topic now. Here we will be talking about the ‘Umbilical cord’ and its anatomical properties.

What is Umbilical cord?

baby with umbilical cord
baby with umbilical cord

Umbilical cord is a kind of delicate fleshy pipe that is attached to the baby’s navel button. It is pastel white in color that contains stem cells and antibodies in it.

This  cord is about 50 cms in length with cross-section about 2-3 cm in diameter. This cord is generated into the mother womb when the growing embryo is of 5 weeks.

Function of Umbilical cord:

The umbilical cord is directly connected to placenta that is responsible for the passage of nutrients, oxygen and water molecules to the embryo. It has two vein and artery in it; each liable to mediate nutrients and water.

Umbilical cord is fixed with a sticky-like substance called ‘Wharton’s jelly’ which is covered by a membrane called amnion. This cord is designed in such a way that alleviates the mixture of solid food and womb together.

After the baby delivery, this cord contains several antibodies and antidotes that is very useful to protect your baby from ailments for approximately 3 months.

Benefits of Umbilical cord:-

 In most of the rural areas, the cord is separated from the body after one or a couple of hours. The mindset there is; umbilical cord is a vestigial thing that should be incised as soon as possible.

cutting of umbilical cord
cutting of umbilical cord
  1. The right way to utilize the cord is, immediately after the birth a plastic clamp must be placed on the cord; at the distance of 2-3 cms. One more clamp must be placed on the end.
  2. The clamped portion must be incised carefully; although the umbilical cord has no nerves in it so the separation will be painless.
  3. After 5-10 days, the left portion of the cord will blacken and dry out of the infant’s body. Till the cord is properly dried and wholly separated from the navel; hygiene should be maintained.
  4. Timely cleaning should be done. Actually, the scientific logic behind this is the left umbilical cord is like the open passage to the internal body.
  5. Any kind of carelessness can transmit the hazardous pathogens inside the body.

Problems related to umbilical cord:-

developing baby with umbilical cord
developing baby with umbilical cord

Where the umbilical cord is good; there only it has some drawbacks too. In some cases, this cord gets knotted or wrapped into the infant’s body that leads to the abnormal physical growth and after birth it becomes difficult to incise the umbilical cord.

It is always advisable for pregnant ladies to avoid smoke, harmful fumes, dust, mobile phones and other stress. The basic reason is; these harmful substances produce cancer-causing chemicals into the umbilical cord that affects the new-born infant a lot.

It has been found that several cancer chemicals are found inside the cord.


New-born infants are considered as the angels of god. In our country, Infant Mortality Rate is very high; one of the topmost reasons for this cause is lack of proper knowledge and care.

In small babies, minor ailments are the arrival of something major. Like cough and cold results in Pneumonia. Excess bright light can lead to macular degeneration and many more.

Take care of your babies. Be concerned about their minor to major needs. Vaccination should be timely and regular. Your small caring steps can guide your baby to the immense path of healthy life.

Hope this post for ‘Umbilical cord’ was knowledgeable and helpful for you all. Share it to all and do not forget to leave a comment below. Take care and live well!

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