Postnatal care tips for and after Normal delivery

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The 9 months of pregnancy is really a blissful period, which ends with the arrival of newborn baby and newborn mother. Postnatal care varies in normal as well as in caesarean section. Today we will be telling you some traditional postnatal care, for normal deliveries.

After the delivery, female body gets quite tired and needs proper care and healthy nutrition. Delivering a baby is like detaching an organ from the body. Especially in normal deliveries, labor pain and exertion makes your body shaken!

After delivery, various exercises, correct diet, proper care and other measures are prescribed by the doctors. In the present era, iron and calcium supplements are advised to every mother.

During the time of our grandparents, there were no such medicinal allowances, no extra medications and no instrumental preferences.

Still after delivery, ladies of that time always used to stay fit and fine. Even after working so hard with household chores, their immunity and energy never exhausted.

Can you guess why?

This is called the magic of traditional herbal care. With the passage of time, those herbal remedies are now to extinct.

Today we will be telling you some of the herbal traditional care, which keeps both mother and the baby fit and healthy.

Postnatal care after normal delivery:

postnatal care
postnatal care

1. A dessert item prepared using dry ginger, turmeric, ghee, wheat flour and jaggery is considered best thing for new mothers. It keeps mother and bay healthy.

2. Right after delivery, instead of cold or normal water, lukewarm water should be given to the mother. It is a natural tummy tucker and also maintains health.

3. A decoction of ajwain and water should be given to the mother regularly. It flush out all the impurities inside the body and boosts the metabolism.

4. In normal deliveries, mother should stay away from heavy water for at least 2 months. Bathing etc is not included, it means washing cloths, playing with water etc should be avoided. It can speed cold in you and your baby.

5. After normal delivery, the shape of stomach gets ugly and shabby. To treat this, one can use hot water bags on regular basis. It makes your stomach come in normal shape.

After delivery, a woman needs proper care and concern. In order to stay fit after delivery, one needs to follow these health rules.

So all new mums, have a happy motherhood and stay well! 🙂

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