Open your Eyes to uproot Milk Adulteration

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In our Holy Scriptures and the ancient books of Ayurveda, it has been said that milk is food which is same as ‘amrit’. It has also been said as the ‘Food of Gods’. Milk is the complete food, but in the present world this same nectar has turned into poison. Now, milk is not seen in pure form; it has been altered by ‘Milk adulteration’.

Milk is the white colored solvent which gives nourishment to everyone. It is the first diet for infants too. Today we will know how milk is turning into poison.

Pure milk and packet milk
Pure milk and packet milk

Benefits of Milk:

First let us know what are the benefits of milk. It is applicable only for the pure form of milk.

1. Glowing Skin

2. Healthy Bones and Teeth

6. Healthy Body

5. Less Stress

6. Wholesome body development

7. Complete nourishment to the body

What is called Adulteration?

Adulteration and alteration means the same. It is the process where food stuffs are altered with some synthetic substances that decreases their quality and makes them chemically processed. Any such products are never good and always does harm. Milk Adulteration is the process in which some other low-grade substances are mixed to form milk like thing.

All these are done to acquire maximum profits from the milk, which is not good.

Substances used in milk adulteration:-

How to check milk purity
How to check milk purity

Good and pure milk has its own distinctive features and appearances whereas the adulterated milk lacks those, by the following given points you will get to know how milk adulteration actually occurs;

  • A paste is prepared by mixing urea, milk powder and sunflower oil.
  • All these things are blended or grinded which give it same appearance as milk.
  • In many places, cheap quality of milk powders are also used which simply vanishes all the signs of artificial milk.
  • Many times, water and other chemicals are also used.
  • These milks are mostly used by small tea stalls and hotels.

Recent news for Milk Adulteration:

Facts about Milk Adulteration
Facts about Milk Adulteration

Here is the very fresh evidence of Milk Adulteration which has been nabbed in Hyderabad.

Over the last few months police have nabbed gangs involved in the adulteration  of milk, spices, sauces, edible oils and other eatables.

  1. A few months ago, Cyberabad police caught two persons and seized 600 liters of adulterated milk, 40 kg of urea, 18 packets of milk powder and a blender from them.
  2. Police also caught a milk vendor for allegedly mixing water in milk and supplying it to the customers.
  3. Worst from these, police also caught several gangs  for extracting fat from animal bones and offal.
  4. In many cases, those people also used groundnut oil or cotton seed oil in milk adulteration.
  5. Some big companies too used animal fat in packaged milk preparation.

Other adulterated edible products:

Food Adulteration in different ways
Food Adulteration in different ways
  • Spice Adulteration-

Adulterated with low graded spices and are mixed with harmful chemicals, Many times other colored products too are used with them.

  • Edible oil-

Huge quantity of loose groundnut or sunflower oil is procured from big firms and adulterated. Some amounts of animal fat is also mixed with oils.

  • Ginger paste-

Prohibited food colors, rotten paste of banana and potatoes are also used.

  • Ketchups-

Non-food grade colors and other mashed things are used which does no good

All these things just take our minds away from the packages things. Guys, as a fact packaged things are not so better than the pure things. Try to use natural and homemade products instead of these. Eat well and live well.

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