Coronary Heart disease and its Ayurvedic remedy

coronary heart disease
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In the present world, diseases and maladies have enveloped our world to a great extent that everyone is prone to it. Many of us suffer from major diseases and rest is prone to minor ones. In India, the most common and the most often seen ailment is ‘Heart disease’ or ‘Cardiac disorder’.

coronary heart disease

The heart is located at the left side of our chest; it has four chambers and shapes like a fist. The heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood through the blood vessels. It is the most delicate and the most sensitive part of our body. It is like the starting point of all the normal functioning of the body system. Our heart is conscious and working all the time.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the most common all across the globe. The most common factors responsible for cardiac diseases are as follows:-

  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Excessive intake of junk foods
  • Lack of exercise and health-consciousness
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Diabetes

Nowadays, we human beings are liable to eat junk food. According to a survey, the daily junk food consumption of a well-grown adult is 250 gms per day. And lack of exercise or physical activities acts as ghee on fire. ‘Coronary heart disease’ is the most dangerous and life-threatening disease of all. In this, the artery of the heart gets blocked by the deposition of fats and cholesterol.

It is like; because of the severe deposition, the blood is not allowed to pass through it. As a result, it causes suffocation; shortness of breathing, and ultimately ‘Heart attacks’. A heart attack is caused due to extreme blockage in the arterial veins. In most of the cases, this disorder is detected when blockage gets up to 75%. And the cardiologist suggests an ‘angioplasty operation‘.

In the operation procedure; a stent is required. The stent is a kind of pen spring that is made of metal mesh; during the operation using a catheter, it is inserted into the blocked artery to make it hollow and make an easy passage for blood passing.

The truth about the Angioplasty stent and operation

angioplasty stent

It is a very bitter yet real thing! None of the angioplasty operations is successful in one time; it means angioplasty operation is a kind of trap; a temporary arrangement to keep you alive. Like in renal disease; dialysis is a temporary way; a similar case is in heart disorder too. After few months of surgery, the deposition of plaque takes place on both ends of the stent. Once you are trapped in this; you can’t escape!

After that, again the risks of a heart attack appear. In this serious case, 2nd angioplasty operation is required. Angioplasty operation with the material costs up to 2-3 lakhs rupees. Now you only think; is this treatment is affordable for all?

What should middle-class men and average people do? The easy and efficient way of healing is hidden in the treatments of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic ingredients

Ayurveda is an ancient and traditional way of healing. It comprises medicinal herbs, spiritual techniques, and yoga asanas. Ayurveda believes that the best form of treatment is from nature. It can be afforded by everyone and gives satisfactory results.

In allopathy, the final treatment for coronary heart disease is ‘Surgery’. But in Ayurveda science, healing is apart from painful tactics and dissatisfaction. Here, we will be describing an easy and affordable way to treat ‘Coronary heart disease’.


  • Ginger juice This is very helpful in maintaining the sterility of blood and maintaining its pH balance. It is a natural way to cure pain and desolation. You can prepare ginger juice by crushing gingers and extracting its juice.
  • Garlic juice An element called ‘allicin’ is present in it that reduces the level and risks of cholesterol and blood pressure. It is a natural remedy to diffuse heart blockage.
  • Lemon juice- It is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and potassium that clarify your blood. It is the best detoxifying agent and enhances immunity.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar There are approximately 90 types of elements found in it; that is useful to unblock all kinds of veins and arteries. Apart from these, it cleanses your stomach keeping you fit and active. It is available in all the pharmacy and drug store

How to use these as medicine

  1. Take a cup of ginger juice.
  2. Take a cup of garlic juice
  3. Take a cup of Lemon juice
  4. Take a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. Mix all of them in a steel vessel and in a low flame heat it; till the content becomes 3 cups.
  6. After getting cool, add 3 cups of honey to it and stir thoroughly.
  7. Store this Ayurvedic medicine in an airtight container. Take this as a medicine 3 teaspoons on an empty stomach; once a day.
  8. In a few months, your heart blockage will be erased permanently. Afterward, have a balanced diet to keep your heart healthy.

Natural healing is better that anything else! It is free from side effects and affordable. Guys, our body system is made by the unity of all the organs. If any of the organs is disturbed or punctured; the whole body has to suffer. Let’s promise to make our world free from maladies. If every citizen will get conscious about their health and diet; then no disease can attack us.

Think for a minute! Your one step can change the future of the world.

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