Top 10 Proven Health benefits of Cardamom (Elaichi)

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Cardamom also called elaichi is one of the main ingredient in Indian cuisines. Whether it is spicy food or sweet food; the use of cardamom is always there. It adds a tint of sweetness to your food making it much enjoyable and tastier.

The use and importance of elaichi is known to all but only few are aware of its health properties. As we know, whatever we eat has some nutrients and health properties in it. Same, this very spice is also mend with certain health benefits. Well, today our topic is “Cardamom”. We will be talking about its uses, etymology benefits and many other things. So, lets proceed to this.


What is Cardamom(Elaichi) ?

It is a spice thing which has fragrant dark seeds and induced with a sweet-smell. Cardamom is also called elaichi which is a native plant to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nepal, India and many other countries.

It is regarded as the world’s third most expensive spice as compared to vanilla and saffron. The plant is 3-4 ft tall and the leaves are 3-4 inch wide, smooth both the both sides. The leaves are typically bottle green in colour which looks similar as those of turmeric plants.


The plant bears white-pinkish flowers which are generally seen in bunches. It gets matured to fruits which are tiny, oval-shaped, greenish and cute ones. The seeds have a fragrant sweet kernels. The seeds contain a fragrant oil which has a good amount of Ciniol in it.

It is typically found in Eastern Himalayan regions; especially in Nepal, Sikkim, Bengal and Assam.  It is also found in areas of Kerala like Munnar which is world-famous for its spice cultivation.


English nameCardamom
Hindi nameEliaichi
Sanskrit nameBrihadela, Baula, Sthulaila
Family nameZingiberaceae
Botanical nameAmomum subulatum

Uses of Elaichi

  • It is used in almost all the sweet preparation. It adds sweetness and a flavour to your sweets making it much tastier. Milk peda, Gulab Jamum, Rasmalai, Son papidi etc all contains cardamom extracts in it. Well, the season of sweets are coming which is ‘Raksha Bandhan’, Durga puja, Diwali etc. Induced yourself in the taste of these sweets and make your life sweeter too.
  • It is used as a spice in may food articles like Biryanis, Fried rice, Halwa and many more.
  • The kernels are dried and grinded which forms ‘elaichi powder’ which is multi-purpose.
  • Also used as a traditional flavouring substance in tea, coffee and many other herbal drinks.
  • Its oil is regarded as the traditional and Chinese medicine.
  • The sweet kernels are often added in mouth fresheners and alone is also used as a mouth freshener.

Now, lets move to the Health benefits of Cardamom. You will be amazed and be thinking; Such as tiny spice can be so miraculous! So, now have a look on the following points and have a glimpse of Elaichi Benefits.

10 Health benefits of Cardamom (Elaichi Benefits)

1For Toothache

  • Take equal quantities of clove oil and cardamom oil.
  • Apply this on teeth using a cotton bud or simply finger.
  • Or, boil 4-5 fruits of cardamom in 500 ml of water.
  • Give this water to the patient for gargle.
  • Grind and mix it with honey. Apply this to the boils in mouth.
  • It not only cures toothache but also relieves in all kinds of oral problems.

2For asthma

  • Give 10-20 drops of cardamom oil with sugar to the patient regularly.
  • It gives relief in Asthma kind of problems.

3For Digestion

  • Give 8-10 seeds with 2 gm aniseed. It enhances the digestive power.
  • After meals, have a piece of cardamom. It helps to keep your digestive system strong.

4For Kidney stones

In case of 1st or 2nd stage of kidney stones;

  • Mix cardamom seed powder with soft part of seeds of melon and sugar candy.
  • Take this on daily basis; it removes the kidney stones with urine passage.

5Cardamom For Fever

  • Take 2 parts of cardamom seeds and 1 part bark of bael root.
  • Grind them and boil in 1 teaspoon milk and same water.
  • Give 20 mg solution of this solution to the patient thrice a day.
  • It cures all types of fever in few days only.

6For Liver disorders

  • Take 2 gm powder of mustard seeds and cardamom seeds.
  • Mix well and give this to the patient regularly.
  • It cures all types of liver disorders.
  • Or, give 1-2 gm powder of cardamom seeds regularly.
  • It is beneficial for the internal growth of liver.

7For Swelling and inflammation

  • Give 2-3 gm peel of cardamom to the patient.
  • It helps in curing headache, tooth problems and swelling in mouth.

8As an Appetizer

  • Mix equal quantities of cardamom seed powder and sugar.
  • Give 3 gm of this mixture to the patient thrice a day.
  • It promotes appetite and helpful while pregnancy.

9Cardamom For Dysuria

  • Mix equal quantities of cardamom seed powder with sugar powder.
  • Give 2-3 gm of this mixture twice a day to the patient.. It enhances the urination.
  • It is also beneficial in burning sensation due to dysuria and other complications.

10For Excess salivation

  • Grind equal quantities of cardamom and betel nut.
  • Give 1-2 gm of this powder to the patient and should be sucked slowly.
  • It cures excess salivation.

Guys, amazed or what! Many of your must be knowing and frequently using these remedies; but for many of us it can be the new thing to learn. Guys, always remember everything produced by nature has some health and medicinal properties in it. So, go green and live well!

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