How to do daily Makeup for simple and natural look

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Makeup helps to highlight our skin and to make it look beautiful. At the same time, wrong makeup can even snatch your inner glow and make you look 2 times fader than your real tone. Today we will be discussing how to do daily makeup for a simple and elegant look.

Daily makeup does not mean to apply it on a daily basis. It means to give your skin a tint of glossy and makeup for occasions. Nobody wants to paint herself with makeup!

Makeup should be simply blended and in a way which should enhance your tone, not to hide it and show artificial glow. Here we will simplify you the correct makeup technique in just few steps, for a natural look.

daily makeup
daily makeup essentials

Daily makeup tips:

  1. Before applying any makeup, cleanse your skin well and rub a piece of ice on it. Ice will help to tighten the pores, thus helping to blend makeup easily.
  2. Now if you have any dark spots, acne or wrinkles on face then cover it with concealer. Never use a brush for it, go with damp sponge as it helps to blend the concealer and make it look fine.
  3. Now choose foundation according to your skin tone, it should be 1 to 2 shade fairer than your skin tone.
  4. Here you can use soft brush and apply well, so that it gives you an equal and fine look. Better go for weightless foundation.
  5. Now take mineral powder and give a touch to your skin. Dust well, to give you skin a mineralized finish.
  6. So now we will move to eye makeup. First apply 1 to 2 strokes of kajal.
  7. Now take an eye liner and, line your upper lid with thin line.
  8. Now its time for mascara. For a better look, first you can use eye lash curler.
  9. Curl your eyelashes and apply a thick layer of mascara to it.
  10. Let your eye still for a minute.
  11. Using a soft color of eyeshadow, like pink or bronze apply eyeshadow and you are complete with eye makeup.
  12. For a daily makeup, choose a soft shade of pastel lipstick.
  13. First apply lip balm and then put lipstick to it.
  14. Now you are completed with the makeup. At last, just give a touch with mineral powder and you are ready.

This kind of daily makeup will not make you feel heavy and very easy. So girls, now no need to go any parlor or spend money on beauty experts.

Be you own stylist. Give it a try and share your feedback to us. Take care and live well!

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