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6 water caltrop or singhara benefits you never heard of

health benefits of water caltrop
water caltrop and how it looks
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What is Water caltrop (water chestnut or singhara or Panifal)

health benefits of water caltrop

But this fruit “Water caltrop” or singhara is not so attractive but is full of health benefits. It is olive green or magenta in colour. It is also called; water chestnut, singhara, panifal, devil pod and so on. This fruit belongs to the species of floating annual aquatic plants. Mainly this fruit is grown in damp, marshy water bodies.

Water caltrop in water
Water caltrop in water

Health benefits of Water caltrop or singhara


1. Prevents goitre and thyroid problems

As we know thyroid ailments such as goitre occurs due to a lack of iodine. Water caltrop is rich in minerals like iodine, manganese, potassium and so on. Intake of this fruit in ample amount make your thyroid health fit and the level of mineral salts become stable



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