Brined Amla for Health: Loaded with Goodness, rich in taste!

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Amla is a fruit which is packed with nutrients and a good for health. But when it comes about the taste, many of us start making faces, due to its bitterness and tart flavor. What if amla becomes tangy and tasty? Yes, today we will be telling you about Brined Amla which is best in taste and as always rich in nutrients. 

A Brief note about Amla:

Brined Amla , Amla
amla fruit for health

Amla or Amalaki is a fruit which is the rich source of Vitamin C. In addition to that it is also packed with several nutrients like gallic acid, tannic acid, carbohydrates, albumen, cellulose, calcium, iron, protein, phosphorus, Nicotinic acid, and many others.

Its appearance is translucent greenish colored round fruit; which resembles the jumping ball. It is advised by doctors to have at least 1 raw amla in a day. It detoxifies your body and protects from bowel syndrome.

Amla: Bitter is Better-

Amla is a cute looking fruit but is tart and bitter in taste. The bitterness has hidden immense benefits in it which makes it a wonder fruit in itself.

Today we will be telling you about Brined amla, which has benefits as raw one and also good in taste.

How to make Brined Amla:

Brined Amla ,Amla
Brined Amla

First of all, brine means; a solution of salt and water. Our Brined amla will constitute the same, with an addition of lemon in it. Let’s see that.

Things we will need-

  • Spotless Amla/Indian Gooseberry- 10
  • Rock salt- 2 tablespoons
  • Lemon– 1
  • Green chilies– 4 chopped
  • Water- 2 glasses
  • Cumin powder- 2 teaspoon
  • and a glass jar

Now let’s begin

  1. Take the amla, and make 5 cuts on the sides. It has 5 stripes, on the same you have give small cuts.
  2. Now put those amlas in the jar and squeeze lemon in it. Put the lemon peels, salt, green chilies, cumin powder and water in it.
  3. Give it a good mix, then close the lid.
  4. Now keep the jar in some place where it is direct sunlight. Let it sit for about two days till the amla turns yellowish.
  5. Your Brined Amla is ready to use.
  6. It can be used within 4 days or can refrigerate it for a week.

Contradictions for Brined Amla:

Although amla is good for health, there are several cases that can make it not suitable for health. Have a look into this.

  • Excessive use of amla can cause hyperacidity which can be quite terrifying. So you should take it in limited quantity.
  • It is good for diabetics but in a limited amount. Excessive intake can cause dropping of sugar levels.
  • It may cause unwanted weight loss which may be not suitable for everyone.
  • Although amla ease in constipation, if you take in the vast amount it may harden the stool. In such, better take the juice, instead of full fruit.
  • Make sure you don’t have allergies with amla, in such, it may worsen the situation and can trigger the associated diseases.

These were the rare side-effects, but we should always be careful about such. Now let’s talk about the health benefits of brined amla.

Health benefits of Brined Amla:

  1. Daily usage of the fruit will promote longevity and also boost up your immune system.
  2. After meals, you take it, in order for eased and happy digestion.
  3. It is good for diabetics, as helps to balance the sugar level.
  4. The good taste is also liked by kids and youngsters.
  5. It provides moisture to your skin and also gifts soft and bouncy hairs.
  6. It will look like a simple thing but will help to remove toxins and cholesterol from your body.

So this was about Brined Amla. Is’nt it a miracle thing. Give this a try and discover a healthy and fit yourself. Do share the post in all the social media. Take care and live well!

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