How to protect kids from Heat Bubbles and Rashes in Summer

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Summer brings lots of dermal issues, out of which heat bubbles and rashes are very common. Kids below 3 are much affected by all these due to sensitive skin and inadequate immunity. Today we will be telling you some of the easy and natural steps, through which you can protect your kids from these summer hazards.

Before moving to the tips, let us first clear all the basics about rashes and heat bubbles. It will make the information much clear and compatible to understand.

Why we suffer from heat bubbles?

heat bubbles in kids
heat bubbles in kids

Heat bubbles, rashes, sun strokes and almost all such dermal problems are caused when there is extreme heat in your body. Some of the factors contributing are-

  • lesser water intake
  • regular consumption of fast food
  • avoiding seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • an overdose of aerated drinks
  • lack of exercise and positivity
  • Hereditary factors and so on

Which one is much effective; internal or external treatment?

Internal treatment is always effective than the external one! This sentence is applicable to all the treatments. For instance, girls think applying orange, lemon and mosambi on the face will make it brighter! Are you also one of them? Then it’s time to change your idea.

Of course, applying such will cleanse your skin and open the pores. But if you eat them in stabilized and regular way, then it will give the brightest shine that nobody can beat!

Same, in heat bubbles you will have to focus more on internal treatment. You will have to keep your stomach cool; not with icy drinks, but with cool natured fruits and edibles.

juice for summer heat
juice for the summer heat

Natural treatment for Heat bubbles in kids:

Heat bubbles are common in summers, especially in kids. Here we have some of the easy and natural treatments which will help you treat rashes and heat bubbles.

1. Aloe vera instead of moisturizers:

aloe vera gel for skin
aloe vera gel for skin

Till now you have been applying moisturizers to baby’s skin, but as you notice skin issues stop using those. Now you should use freshly extracted aloe vera gel.

  • You just need to cut a stem of aloe, clean it and cut from the middle.
  • Using a clean spoon take out the gel and mash it to form the paste.
  • Apply to the affected areas or in full body like the moisturizer itself.
  • It will be little sticky, but a boon for the skin.

2. Neem sandal powder instead of soaps and liquids:

First of all, we should never use any soap on the tender skin of babies. Instead of that, you can make homemade bathing powder or neem powder itself.

  • Take neem leaves and dry it under shade or sun.
  • Using soft thin cloth, turn it into fine powder and sieve so that any residue comes out.
  • Mix 1:2 ratio of sandal powder in it, and your bathing powder is ready.
  • It will keep baby’s skin soft and will balance the pH level.

3. Give juices and coconut water to the baby:

As said, we should mostly focus on internal treatment. In summers, give watermelon juice, coconut juice, or liquids and lots of water to kids.

It will keep their body cool, automatically treating all such issues. If the kid is suffering from cold and cough, then you can better talk to the physician first.

4. Include curd in baby’s diet:

Curd (homemade) is cool in nature and full of health benefits. It is advisable to start giving curd, as the baby steps to 6 months of age. You can give it mixed with fruits or in the normal way as the baby likes.

Its regular intake will keep baby’s tummy cool which is best in summers. For elder kids, you can also give buttermilk or curd rice with some cumin powder and salt in it.

These were some of the ways and tips through which you can treat the heat bubbles and rashes in babies. In many cases, kid develops a cough and cold type of problems.

If your kid has the same issue then consult a pediatrician first. Although natural remedies have no or very fewer side effects but in case of kids it is better to seek medical guidance first.

Take care of your little angels and stay well!

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