Soothe your Crying baby with the simple trick of Reflexology

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When the baby is small and unable to communicate; he has only two ways to express anything; laugh and cry. A newborn baby cries a lot, many times as a new parent they get unable to understand the reason for crying. Today we will share a theory of Reflexology which will be very useful to soothe your cranky baby and a helping hand for new parents. 

Welcome to parenthood! If you too have welcomed a new angel baby at your home, then this must be the addition of lots and lots of happiness in your lives. 

With this happiness, you have got a new responsibility; such as a promotion where you have got new tasks and challenges as well!

Reasons for baby crying:

newborn baby crying
newborn baby crying

Small baby cries a lot, and there can be a lot of reason for it. Some of them are given below.

  • While they are hungry, they will of course cry for milk.
  • If they have cold or illness, they will cry of a headache and congestion.
  • Most babies cry when they are in a sleeping position, this may be due to discomfort in sleeping, wrong posture, sometimes bad dreams and thoughts can also make them cry.
  • Gas troubles are one of the major cause when your baby is continuously crying and not able to feed and stay right.
  • Earache, stomachache,  constipation can also cause the crankiness.

How to detect the reason of infant crying?

Well, it is actually possible for the mother or the person who is staying with the baby since from the first day. The mother can detect what can be the cause of baby crying.

However, for new mothers and for those who are not knowing anything about parenting or nurturing the baby; it is quite a big challenge to tackle the baby cryings.

Reflexology for almost all kind of baby health problems:

reflexology chart
reflexology chart

At first, what is reflexology?

Reflexology is a kind of massage treatment which helps to heal certain kind of illness and health issue when continuously practiced.

It is helpful for all, regarding kids, adults even the newborns. So now we will be telling how to use this massage therapy to keep your baby smiley and gloomy always.

Reflexology for happy and healthy babies:

This kind of therapy believes, there are certain points on your feet sole which is interlinked with certain organs. Correct pressing of these points can tackle certain illness, and can also give instant relief in many discomforts.

foot massage in babies
foot massage in babies
  1. While the oil massage, do press all the tips of the toes and the middle pint of the sole. Regular practice will keep the baby happy and free from illness.
  2. If your baby often develops stomach gas, then on a regular basis press the point just above the heel. It can be pressed gently, 10-15 times. You can also follow leg exercises; which actually heals like pawanmuktasana.
  3. If the baby is very active and always using his feet, the massage and press all the sides of the sole for 3-4 times a day.
  4. If your baby is cranky due to sleeplessness, then give him a light massage using oil and rubbing all the points. Doing this will make the massage penetrate inside, making the baby get sound sleep.
  5. While the teething period, most of the baby gets discomforts like vomiting, stomachache, diarrhea etc. In order to prevent or minimize the discomforts during teething, press the points of toes and finger for about 3-4 times a day.
  6. Just below the toe, is called sinus point. If your baby is suffering from congestion, then this area can be massaged for better.

In the same way, as you are doing on feet, you can also try with hands and fingers. Doing this will really give you a positive change in baby’s health.

It will also keep them refreshed and will prevent mood swings.

If you are also a new parent, then I can guess that this post will be very useful to you. In case of any question or query do ask in our comment section.

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