Benefits of Oil Massage for Infants and Babies

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As soon as a baby is born, doctors suggests for Oil massage for the baby. It has its own benefits and plays a vital role in the overall development. Today we will be telling you the benefits of oil massage for infants and babies.

The outer atmosphere for babies, looks as a new world. They can easily be attacked with flu’s and other seasonal infections.

Baby’s atmosphere in womb:

When the baby is in womb, there is no risk of any infection or cold. It is surrounded with amniotic fluid and gets all the nutrients from mother’s diet.

baby in womb
baby in womb

After getting born, baby comes in contact with air and this world. Their skin starts leaving flakes, in white torn pieces. Those are the moisture which was protecting the baby inside.

Now we will be telling you the benefits of Oil massage for babies. Afterwards, we will also be telling you common things such as oil type, how to massage and how to choose correct oil for the baby.

This will be like a complete knowledge on Oil massage. This article is must for new mums and new dads.

Benefits of Oil Massage for Babies:

oil massage for infants
oil massage for infants
  1. Oil acts as the lubrication for the baby’s body, and protects against getting dry and rough.
  2. It helps to form a relationship between you and your baby. In addition, it also forms a confident and positive interaction with the baby.
  3. Correct oil massage helps to expand baby’s body, which is must for growth and development.
  4. During winters, oil massage is very important to protect your baby against flu‘s and neonatal jaundice.
  5. It provides warmth in the body, making your baby feel cozy and comfortable.
  6. Massaging your baby, keeps him/her active and also curing all sorts of tiredness and lazy.
  7. When the baby sucks his/her finger, the oil is also sucked present in hands which helps to keep the digestive system strong.

So these were the benefits of oil massage for babies. Now we will be providing you other information about Infant massage.

Which oil is best for Infant massage?

In North-India, people uses pure mustard oil, whereas in Southern part of India people opt Castor oil. You can ask your doctor and go with the oil.

During winters, mustard oil cooked fired with garlic buds is the best. On the other hands, during summers you can use olive oil and other ones.

How many times a day an infant should be massaged?

5-6 times a day is optimum for Infant massage. You can choose the time as per your and baby’s convenience. Make sure while massaging the baby is in happy mood.

Don’t massage when he/she is hungry or feeling unwell.

Should the baby be give tight massage or mild one?

Your hands should be softer and gentle while massaging. Massaging technique should neither be too tight nor too mild. It should be gentle and as per your baby feels right.

Should I apply oil on the baby’s head?

In Indian culture, infant massage is not completed till you put oil on the head. As we all know the upper skull is not joined in the womb.

While getting born, the upper skull joins. Thus, the upper skull is not so strong and is quite delicate. You don’t need to rub the skull with oil.

Gently put some drops of oil on the mid head and gently massage for a fewer seconds.

In the first one or two months of the life, a baby usually wakes in night and sleeps in day. In this case, you can give an oil massage at night.

Oil massage also helps to make your baby sleep by providing warmth and coziness.

So, hope this post was knowledgeable to all. Share this to all and do share your experiences with us. Happy Parenting to all the new born parents!

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