Herbal combo that may fight Colon Cancer naturally

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Colon Cancer; also called cancer of intestine may be treated with herbal compound combo. It is a new research found by scientists. It is a relieving thing that now the therapy will include only natural compounds.

Cancer which simply needs, expensive chemo and radiation can be now treated with herbal compounds. There are many things which are still hidden from us, those are getting researched gradually and new things are coming in front of us.

colon cancer stages
colon cancer stages

New research for Colon Cancer:

The scientists from Saint Louis university, has found an herbal way to curb Colon Cancer. Two herbal compounds; namely curcumin and silymarin holds the potential to treat the disease naturally.

How does they works?

Curcumin is the active ingredient found in turmeric spice and silymarin is the coumpound found in milk thistle. Till now, silymarin was used to fight off liver cancer. According to the study, the correct combo of both has the great efficacy to fight Colon cancer.

Research work and what they found:

herbal therapy
herbal therapy

The research workers and students, studied the lining of colon cancer. At first, they used curcumin which treated the cells initially. Later on they practiced with silymarin too, and found that the speed and cure was increased heavily.

The combination of both, inhibited the cells from multiplying and also killed the carcinogens. This therapy is also free from any harmful effects, which is generally caused by chemotherapy.

Present data:

This is actually an experiment done, which proved to be usable and can be highly benefiting to mankind. The next step of scientists will be actually to make this therapy proved and usable.

Well, it is a great discovery done! Congratulations to the whole team and the researchers. Wishing you to find more and more in this thing.

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