Acupressure finger massage to get rid of health problems


Each and every part of our body has some curing point in it; those are called acupressure points. Today we will be telling you the benefits of massaging fingers or finger massage, and how to help to get rid of several health problems.

Acupressure is actually the origination of Indian medicine but now categorized into Chinese therapy. It is the therapy in which several body points are pressed to get rid of health problems.

Finger massage is a small thing, which really gives excellent results. In this, your fingers are massaged in order to cure certain minor/major health problems.

Today we will be telling you about finger massage, and how every finger has different property in it.

Finger massage for health issues:

finger massage therapy
finger massage therapy


Your thumb is connected to your lungs. It means, through the finger massage of thumb you can activate your lungs, and can also revitalize it. It also surrounds your heart and arteries. Thus if you feel suffocation or discomfort related to heart, then simply give a message to the thumb.

Stretch it a little and massage for a while. You will notice the comfort.

Index finger-

Index finger relates your gastrointestinal tract. Massaging it can be a great relief to digestion related problems. If you are having stomach pain or indigestion then massage and stretch it. It will give relief.

Middle finger-

Middle finger says about your circulatory system. That is why a person suffering from paralysis or such disorders, are advised to massage the finger. If you often feel dizziness or such problems, then give massage to your middle finger.

Ring finger-

Your ring finger correlates your nervous system and ears. A person who is unable to listen properly must massage their ring finger. If you often feel headaches and nerve dysfunction, then regularly massage your ring finger. It is very good.

Little finger-

This little finger holds a lot of curative properties in it. It strengthens your kidneys and liver. If you are having any discomfort or ailment in these organs, then this finger massage will definitely help. A normal person too should regularly massage the little finger, in order to keep his/her kidneys and liver fit.

In this way, we saw how beneficial this finger massage is. However, consult an acupressure specialist or naturopath, before doing all these regularly.

Hope you like the post, share it to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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