Homemade Liquid Lipstick for matte finish and smooth lips

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Hey guys, today the post is based on makeup loving girls! Looking beautiful, makeup, accessorising all are the characteristics of a girl. In makeup, lipstick plays a big role. Liquid lipstick gives a very matte and smooth finish to your lips. Today let us know how to prepare this liquid lipstick at home. 

Earlier about 10-15 years ago only normal lipstick was available, now-a-days lipsticks are available in different forms such as glossy, matte, dark, light and liquid ones.

The best thing about the liquid lipstick is, it gives a smooth and beautiful shine to your lips. In addition, it also has some amount of moisturiser in it which keeps your lips softer and smoother.

Liquid Lipsticks too costly!

liquid lipsticks
liquid lipsticks

If you get a liquid lipstick of good brand, it will surely charge you about 500 rupees even more. It is not under the budget of common peoples.

Today we will be preparing a homemade liquid lipstick which will assimilate those of higher brand ones. It will give you the same matte finish and smooth while applying too.

All you will need is the things available at your home. I’m sure after reading its ingredients and processes, you will be amazed and will love to make it.

Here we will be making red matte liquid lipstick. You can also prepare another shades, such as using cocoa powder for brown, pink eye shadow for pink lipstick or you can also use different food colours for the same.

Ingredients for red liquid lipstick:

  • Liquid foundation or bb cream- 2 teaspoons (or as per the amount of liquid preparation)
  • Red food colour- 1 teaspoon
  • Brick red eye shadow- 1 teaspoon
  • 2-3 drops of Vitamin E oil or almond drops
  • 1/2 teaspoon of aloe vera gel
  • Emptied lip gloss container or a small container
red liquid lipstick
red liquid lipstick

How to prepare Liquid Lipstick?

  1. Mix all the things together.
  2. Use the colour in small amounts, otherwise it can disturb the consistency.
  3. If you find it too thick or dry then add some more aloe gel in it.
  4. Mix well and here you go with your homemade liquid lipstick.
  5. Using a brush apply on your palm and check its colour.
  6. If you want it light red, you should use very amount amount of colour.
  7. And if you want the bridal shade of dark red, then use the colour wisely.

This liquid lipstick is free from chemicals and enriched with oils. It will act as both, moisturiser and lipstick too. You can use this in any occasion, and believe me, nobody will ever believe it’s the homemade one.

So now girls you don’t need to fear about using lipstick. It will do no harm. If you like the post, share it to all your friends and relatives.

Do share your comments with us. Look beautiful and live well.

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