5 Uses of Coke why it is not safe for Human consumption

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Coke drink or aerated drinks are the most famous drink, all over the world. It is liked by all, whether it is a kid or an adult. Today we will be making you familiar with some of the very unusual uses of coke, which will be a proof that it is not safe for human consumption.

Every one of us enjoys coke and coke drinks. Many people even use it to digest their foods, especially chickens and muttons. We all know the disadvantages of drinking coke, but how much of us follow it?

Well, today we will be giving you some practical uses for coke, which will prove that it is not safe for human consumption.

glass of coke
glass of coke

5 Unusual uses of Coke drink in daily lives:

1. As a toilet cleaner-

Give it a try! The coke which you love so much can even clean tough stains from the toilets. It is true! Just take a glass of coke and put it into the toilet. Let it sit for a few minutes, then flush it off. You will notice that the toilet is cleaned, even better than disinfectants.

2. Can remove Junk/rust from Iron-

Rust or junk is the deposition of the reddish layer over the iron materials, which is not usable or not comes in contact to air or water.  Do you know, your dearest coke can clean those unwanted tough rusts too!

Just take a rusted iron and dip into the coke. Let is stay for a few minutes, after that you will notice that the rust is coming out easily.

3. Removes blood stains-

Coke can also work as a tough stain remover. If you have got your dearest fabric, stained with blood then you can use these black drinks. Just put few drops of coke on the stained area, pat well and wash after a few minutes.

It will remove the stain, if the stain is too old then it may take some time. It also removes grease stains from the fabrics.

4. Cleans burnt vessels and pans-

Kitchen vessels are often seen burnt while cooking. It takes very hard, to remove those tough patches from them, Using coke, this work gets much easier.

Just put it into the container, and let it sit for sometimes. In just a few minutes of application, it will make your vessel clean and shiny.

5. Removes stains from floorings-

Around the area of bathroom and balcony, you must have noticed a tough black deposition. Those get very tough to be cleaned. Using your dearest drink, you can clean them.

First, rinse the area with water and wipe it. Now put some coke drink, on it and using brush rub the area well. You will notice that this coke drink is 10 times much usable and efficient than any other cleaner.

So guys if this coke drink can clean such stains, then think what will it do to your internal organs and stomach! Isn’t it frightening? Hope this awareness will spread to everyone.

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