Let’s shake hands to make Yoga Day successful- Yoga Day 2016

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So it’s the eve of International Yoga Day! Let us all shake hands, to make this day successful and achieve the motive of a ‘Healthy Nation’. Not rejoice it by simpler movements, but feel this from heart! 

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice of complete physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is not a religion, but teaches how to live life with complete harmony and peace.

International Yoga Day celebration
International Yoga Day celebration

The word ‘Yog‘ has been used in Veda, Upanishads, Gita and mythological scriptures etc, since ancient times. Maharishi Patanjali defines ‘Yog’ as ‘Chittavritti Nirodh’ meaning something which eradicates negative thoughts.

Maharishi Vyas describes Yog as Samadhi. The Sanskrit grammar shows that Yog is derived from the root ‘Yuj‘. In short, we can say that the controlled practices which result in the meeting of Atma and Paramatma, is Yog.

Effects of Yog on the body:

Yog gives an insight to know about the self. It enables one to meet the supreme soul and attain complete bliss. Practicing Yog revives our dormant energy. These exercises rejuvenate tissues and help new cell formation.

Light Yogic exercises reactivate the nervous system, and regulate the blood circulation. They reinstate fresh energy in the body.

Prime Minister Modi doing Yoga
Prime Minister Modi doing Yoga

What science says?

According to the laws of physiology, when the body contracts and expands, energy is developed and diseases get cured. This can be achieved with the help of different Yogic asanas.

Yog also keeps the veins healthy. The pancreas become active and produce insulin in the right quantity, which helps in curing diabetes related diseases.

As it is known to all 90% of all diseases occur due to the fault in digestive system. It is the prime cause of all the disease. Yog strengthens the entire digestion process, making every part of the body healthy, and active.

On this very day of ‘International Yoga Day’, let us take a pledge to uproot all the illness and diseases, through the medium of Yoga. It is free of cost, effective and the most affordable way to gain health.

Are you with us? Lets adore and beautify this world with the penance and bliss of Yoga. Happy Yoga day once again!

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