11 Home Remedies for Sinusitis Treatment


Cold and flu season is approaching if you are in some parts of the world. In other parts, spring should be hitting, which means pollen, hayfever, and allergies. The point is, no matter what time of the year it is and no matter where you live on this little blue marble we call home, there are season related pathogens that can get our sinuses seriously infected. This is never fun and could put a damper on our energy, which is precious since we do so much like work, raise children, keep a house, and all the other things that come along with this life we love so much. We will discuss on Home Remedies for Sinusitis Treatment in this article.

When sinusitis does hit, it would be great to relieve ourselves of the symptoms naturally. Why use synthetic remedies like pharmaceuticals and such when Mother Nature has come up with her own way to ease our aches and pains. The list below reflects natural antidotes for sinus infections.Home Remedies for Sinusitis,Remedies for Sinusitis,Sinusitis,Sinusitis Treatment

Here are 11 Home Remedies for Sinusitis Treatment

1. Flush It Out!

Have you ever heard of a neti pot? Well, as it turns out, this age-old practice is just the thing when it comes to sinus issues. There are all types of nasal irrigation systems and they are fairly simple to use.

The FDA suggests that you use distilled or sterile opposed to a tap water.

2. Pineapple To The Rescue

Known as the supplement bromelain, this natural protein is found in the stems of this tropical fruit. It has been known to reduce inflammation that comes with these pesky infections in our sinus passages. It also might help with arthritis, rashes, and burns.

3. Free Your Space of Toxins

There are all kinds of things that cause nasal infections floating through our homes, which is why cleaning it thoroughly is a great way to fight one. When cleaning, it would be in your best interest to use a natural product. There are several on the market with consumer feedback like the one from this organic cleaner review.

4. Get Misty

There are several ways to get some steam up your nose. One way is to boil some water and breathe it in with a towel over your head. Another is taking a shower. The steam will help, and freeing your body of any external irritants is an added bonus.

5. Stay Hydrated

When we dehydrate, it’s difficult for our bodies to run efficiently. When we take in the correct amount of water, your sinuses will remain moisturized. It is recommended that we drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day, which helps our bodies in many more ways other than getting rid of that sinus infection.

6. Get A Humidifier

This device is another way to get those sinuses wet, which is what they need if they are ever going to heal. When the air is humid then it will be easier for you to breathe as well. However, this can turn on you if you don’t keep your humidifier clean. Mold allergies are just as bad and can reinfect the sinuses.

7. Clean the Air

Air purifiers are great when it comes to allergies. They keep the air fresh and clean, and there are several that run quietly so you don’t even know it’s in the room. With all the pathogens that fly around our homes, purifying the air will help your sinuses run through the healing process quicker and stop anything in the air from halting it.

8. Warm Wet Rag

A nice warm compress is another way to get that moisture into your sinuses when they are feeling red and swollen. Just apply it for a few minutes at a time whenever you feel the need. Place it over your face and shut your eyes for a few minutes to give the steam and warmth time to make it inward.

9. Eat Healthily

It’s no surprise that what goes in your body has a large effect on what happens inside there. If you are suffering from a sinus infection and eating fried foods or meals heavy in dairy, then you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Stick to a simple meal of veggie or chicken broth with fresh veggies and warm decaffeinated tea. This will help your body fight the infection from inside.

10. Add A Little Spice

Believe it or not, spicy foods are good for us in some way. When it comes to sinus infections, spices like mustard, curry, horseradish, and wasabi can help keep them clear and open. In fact, spicy foods might help you lose weight, keep a healthy heart, lower your blood pressure and ease your stress.

11. Essential Oils

When you steam, it might be a good idea to add a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil. These are both very powerful, so it only takes a few drops, but when done correctly, these essential oils might free up space in your sinuses and help you breathe better once the steam has cooled.


so, wrapping up “Home Remedies for Sinusitis Treatment”. Sinus infections are more than irritating. They can lead to something more serious if not treated well. If you find that natural remedies are not helping your infection to heal, then you should seek out professional help from a healthcare provider.

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