Treat anal fistula with the effective herbal remedies


Treat anal fistula with the effective herbal remedies

We come across many health issues through out our life time and currently we might be even suffering from one like cough and cold, joint pain or headache which is quite common though.

Speaking of such issues they are usually ignored by most of us or we take some minor medication in such cases, but there are some ailments that only increase easiness along with other kinds of problems. Therefore, treatment of such problem at the earliest is always advisable. The sooner the better!

Anal fistula is one such problem that most of the people are hesitant to talk about and in many cases doesn’t event approach the doctor till the problem gets serious but there is no need to worry as you can cure anal fistula even at home using herbal remedies.


Before going any further, let’s know what anal fistula actually is and how can we identify in case we are suffering from one.

Anal Fistula

It’s a small channels that eventually develops some where between the end of the bowel and anus (an opening where the waste leaves the body). It might appear as a hole near the skin.

Depending on the severity of the complication and the affected area, anal fistulas are further divided into two categories.

Simple or Complex:

One can suffer from single tract of anal fistula or there complex interconnections.

Low or High:

That depends on the position. The severity of anal fistula can be measured from the fact as to how much close is it to a *sphincter muscles. * Sphincter muscles are actually the ring of muscles that actually opens or closes anus)

Though there are many symptoms by which we can determine that we are suffering of anal fistula but there are some commonly identified signs that can help you to detect one. The most common of them is the passage of blood during the passage of stool and it is usually painful. Let’s look at other signs.

1. Irritation: The area around the anus can cause itching resulting in the uneasiness most of the time.

2. Pain while performing any kind of activity: You might suffer from constant pain even while sitting, coughing, at the time of bowel movement or while simply moving around.

3. Pus discharge: Discharge of pus during the bowel movement is quite common the symptom. It is also known as rectal bleeding.

4. Swelling near the anus: Because of the constant swelling, and irritation around the area, it might become swell. Redness is another trait that occurs along with swelling.

5. Fever: Mild fever is another trait that is found among the people suffering from anal fistula.

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Causes of Anal Fistula

The major reason for anal fistula is surgery. It is also considered side effects aftermath surgery. Though surgeries are performed as to get rid of some sort of diseases but if not performed properly, it can also give rise to various kinds of diseases.

Now let’s have a look at the some of the home remedies by which we can treat anal fistula in a safe and a natural manner. Ayurveda has got the cure of almost of all kinds of diseases irrespective to complication of the disease. Given below are some the effective measures:

Triphla Powder:

Triphla powder has been proven to be the best herbal remedies in the case of anal fistula. Moreover, it is highly recommended by the Ayurveda practitioners as a remedy. You can have it with one glass of water in the morning.

Paste of Herbs:

The paste of neem, till (sesame seed), mulethi (licorice) along with the milk can get very helpful in curing boil and anal abscess.

Likewise, there are some recommendations that if you apply in your daily life can help you to prevent anal fistula altogether or any such complications. Some of them are as follows:

1. Fiber: Add more fiber to your diet as it can help you in great way in improving your digestive system and also the passage of bowel movement.

2. Plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water or at least 6 to 8 glass on the daily basis can help you to get rid of innumerable diseases.

3. Cleaning: Clean your anal area on the regular basis and that too gently as it alone can help to protect your body from various complications.

4. Clean underwear: Change your underwear on the frequent basis so as to keep the whole area clean or keep it dry.

5. Safe sex: Wear condoms while performing sexual activity as it with protect you from various sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to this, you can also opt for herbal medication. Planet Ayurveda is one such herbal manufacturing company that is known for preparing authentic herbal medicines.

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