5 Incredible uses of Hydrogen peroxide everyone should know

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Hydrogen peroxide is a well-known chemical agent, found in almost all the homes. Mainly we use it to cleanse wounds. Do you know, this simple looking thing has many more uses too? Today we will be telling you 5 very rare uses of Hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid, only a little more viscous than water. It looks same as water.

Hydrogen peroxide is multipurpose in nature and has several benefits. It can be easily found in your first aid kit and medicine boxes. You won’t believe, your hydrogen peroxide can do much more than you think it can. Let us have a look to it.

Uses of Hydrogen peroxide:

uses of hydrogen peroxide

uses of hydrogen peroxide

1. Reduces Fungal infections and corns-

Many people are there who are suffering from toenail infections and other kinds of foot infection. Foot is regarded as the mirror of your personality, so why to see it ugly and disturbed!

Here you can use Hydrogen peroxide. Take half bucket of water or 1/4th, put 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in it and soak your foot into it for 15-20 minutes. It reduces and eliminates foot infections.

2. As a Dental Aid-

If suffering from Halitosis or Toothache, then Hydrogen peroxide will go very well. Take equal quantities of coconut water and Hydrogen peroxide. Mix well and use it to gargle.

It inhibits the bacterial growth in mouth and keeps it fresh. Remember not to swallow it.

3. Cleaning plastic wares-

Uses of Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in cleaning plastic utensils. It works far better than any dishwash bar or liquids. Wipe of the plastic things like lunch boxes, fruit baskets etc with Hydrogen peroxide once a week.

It keeps them hygienic and free from any bacteria.

4.  Clears Ear wax effectively-

Ear wax is not a disease, but is a very troublesome thing as it blocks clear hearing and causes discomfort. Generally we use ear swabs or go for  doctor. Now clean it  effectively with Hydrogen peroxide.

First put few drops of mustard oil in ears, tilting it so that the ear gets lubricated. Now put few drops of hydrogen peroxide into it. You will feel some hurdle inside your ear, as it stops rotate your ear opposite side and you will see ear wax melting out.

5. Freshen your underarms-

If you too are suffering from smelly underarms, then its the high time to take some action. Take a small ball and fill it half with hydrogen  peroxide and few drops of lemon.

Take a soft cloth and rinse your underarms with it. You will see your underarms will get freshen and won’t stink anymore.

In this way, we saw the uses of hydrogen peroxide. You also use this in daily commercial life. Share your experiences with us and do share the post to all your near and dear ones. Take care and live well!

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