Prepare Homemade Lip Balm for soft and pink lips

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Dry and chappy lips are liked by none. Although, it also reflects your negligence for skin. Lip balm is a soft butter kind of thing, which we use daily to keep our lips soft and pink. Hey girls, today we will be telling you how easy it is to prepare lip balm at home.

Our lips are 5 times much tender than our normal skin. It needs a special care and protection. Although, its essential to care our body mostly during winters, but in summers too it needs protection.

What makes your lips dull and dry?

dry and cracked lips
dry and cracked lips

During winters, when our skin pores shrinks it causes less or no production of body oils leading it to dry and flaky. Same is for lips!

Talking about summers, then there are many other factors making your lips dull and dark. Those are given as follows.

  • Excessive intake of aerated drinks
  • Bad lipsticks and cosmetics
  • Sun exposure
  • Less intake of water and fruits
  • Smoking
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Incorrect water intake
  • Anaemia or health problems and many more

The first step to keep your lips beautiful and soft is; lip scrubbing. It removes the dead skin layer from the lips allowing the skin to breath and illuminate its natural shine!

To make our lips look red and beautiful we use a wide range of lip cares, lipsticks and glosses. But all of them either gives temporary shine or even taking off the natural moisture from it!

To all the bold and beautiful girls, today we will be telling you the preparation of homemade and fully natural lip balm.

You will require a very few ingredients and will be amazed of the results. Let’s begin!

We will require-

  • Pure coconut oil- 4 teaspoon
  • Shea Butter- 1 teaspoon
  • Strawberry juice (no seed)- 2 teaspoon
  • Raspberry juice- 1 teaspoon
  • A small balm container

Lets prepare-

homemade lip balm
homemade lip balm
  1. Take all these in the container and mix well with toothpick or any other thing.
  2. Microwave for a minute till all of them gets mixed together.
  3. After getting cool, put directly into the freezer and let it stay for a couple of hours.

Yippie, your cute lip balm is ready! Use this and your lips are gonna shine like anything. Give a strawberry tinted kiss to your lips!

Using this twice to thrice a day will make your lips looks pink naturally without using any such lipsticks or colours. You lips are gonna thank you always for this.

beautiful lips
beautiful lips

Hope you like this innovation ūüėČ Prepare this at your own and let us know what you discovered. Stay happy and stay bloomy.

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