How to get Snow White like beautiful skin at home

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When we were small, we were fond of the stories of Disney princess like; Rapunzel, Cinderella, Beauty and the beast, Mermaids and so on. There was also a story of a princess called ‘Snow white’. Today we will be telling you the secrets how to get snow white type skin at home.

Snow white was pretty as snow, blushing as pinkish hue, hairs like ebony black and lips like bloody red. Today, when we talk about beauty the first icon that comes to our mind is Snow white.

Every girl wishes to have a soft and beautiful skin like snow white; but as we look around the surroundings our wish becomes dull. Everywhere like the rule of pollution, smog, dirt.

Even at our own home we can’t prevent it. A glowing skin needs proper diet, purified water, dirt less surroundings, peaceful and friendly environment, away from anxiety and so on.

snow white skin
snow white skin

But these facilities are only possible in dreams. Today, the contamination level is so high that we can’t think for a glowing skin like Disney princess. The major reason for the skin dullness is the UV rays that emit from direct and shrilly sunrays.

How our skin gets darker?

Beneath our skin, our epidermis has a layer called ‘Melanin’. Melanin is responsible for the natural skin texture. It needs coolness and fit environment to retain its moisture. But this melanin results an adverse effect when it is attracted by the ultraviolet rays present in sunlight.

So it is advisable to have some protective layer on our skin so that the direct sunrays can be avoided. When it comes about makeover then we can say that, makeup is like the coat over your texture and color.

melanin in skin
melanin in skin

Consequences of regular makeup:

If the makeup is minimal and rare then it is no harm. But, if we are depended upon makeup variations for a beautiful skin then it is not good for long-term prospectus.

Especially, this craze is seen among teens. For an instant beauty look they go for many products, bleaching, heavy facials and many more. These products surely make them instant fair but are very dreadful for long-term basis.

The regular use of heavy makeup acts no more than a slow acid for their skin. Actually, what the heavy makeup does is vanishes your natural glow and beauty.

The best way to look beautiful is to own the natural way towards an infinity youth.

Now we are giving some tips which will help you look young and youthful always.

Tips for Youthful and Snow white skin:

naturally beautiful skin
naturally beautiful skin
  1. Drink 2-3 liters of water everyday-

Water not only erases your thirst but is also very useful component for a beautiful and glowing skin. Water detoxifies your body; flushing out all the toxins and unwanted residue from your body.

Not only this, it makes your skin supple and hydrated. Have you ever thought, why most of the actress and celebrities in its biography recommends water for their beauty secret? There is a perfect reason that water acts as a natural beauty treatment that replenishes your skin giving you soft, young and alluring skin tone.

To double its benefits, you can just squeeze a piece of lemon and some drops of honey to it. Lukewarm water is also good as a morning booster; in empty stomach taking the lukewarm water makes you internally wakeup and fresh

2. Natural scrub can be the best-

In markets, varieties of scrub masks are there that promises to give you a radiant glow but those products are not always admiring. Face scrubs are used to remove the dead skin cells and makes your skin breath that is the main thing for beautiful skin.

So don’t take risk for your skin, use a homemade beauty scrub that gives you a youthful look without any side effects. Take a small cup; add ½ tablespoon of white sugar, 10 drops of lemon and 4-5 drops of rosewater.

Mix it well and use as a facial scrub. This will provide you maximum benefits. Use the scrub 2 times in a week, excessive use can make you wrinkled.

3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables-

Most of the colored vegetables contain beta-carotene that is very beneficial for a youthful skin. Tomatoes, carrots, beetroots are some vegetables that lightens up your skin tone making you fair.

Same as in fruits, their regular intake makes your skin healthy and glowing. Most of the teen girls use fruits as a face mask instead of eating them. But I believe that, internal nourishment proves to be better that external.

Fruits and vegetables are much nutritious when eaten raw. These give you an everlasting glow, young skin and beautiful texture.

4. Get a beauty sleep of 7-8 hours-

Beauty sleep is very necessary for a young and radiant skin tone. The logic behind is when we have a deep sleep our skin also rests. Deep sleep is like a spa and facial for skin. Just checkout it yourself; have a deep sleep with no stress and anxiety.

I am sure when you will wake up; you will find your skin healthier, glowing and naturally refreshed. In spite of all these, you will also notice yourself as mentally active and fresh. It makes yours skin rejuvenates.

5. Workouts and exercises are necessary-

A little bit of exercise daily at early morning enhance your circulatory system. When your circulatory system is clear and active, the blood circulation is easy and normal. It provides you a blushing skin without any extra makeover.

Not only this, exercises also makes you physically and mentally fit that gives you a perfect body figure. So, exercises are very beneficial for us to be all over healthy.

These were some of the tips that include diet, workouts etc for a beautiful skin and figure.

And now following are some natural makeup methods that directly focuses you to get a snowy and softy skin like ‘Snow white’ in this present world:-

Tips to get Snow white like skin in a few steps:

  • Apply 5-6 lime drops just before your bedtime. Keep it for 5 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. Its daily use erases your wrinkles, acne and dark spots leaving your skin flawless.
  • Use mudpack twice a week. It really helps your skin to look young and pretty.
  • Apply the cucumber juice mixed with lemon drops on your face. This heals your skin from sunburns and blemishes.
  • Mix a tablespoon of raw milk with ½ tablespoon of rose-water. Apply it on your skin for 10 minutes then wash it off by cool water. Use once a week.

So girls, we are now completed by our tips and methods for a flawless skin. Having a smooth and glowing skin as snow white is not a big deal. A beautiful face needs an inner smile and happiness. So stay happy, go wisely, look beautiful…

Hope you like the post. Share it to all and do share your experiences with us.

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